Thursday, April 26

Events to go to on May 26

I still have at least one more month yet, I'm already confused which event to attend to. All three events I'm posting here are worth going especially on a Saturday. 

1. Yummy Eats 2012: I've been looking forward into this since my last year's attendance. I really enjoyed my food trip and I hope I could take my wife and daughter with me when Migmig can walk. With a lot of food booths to go to, I'm sure I'll go home stuffed. XD

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2. Summer Komikon 2012: Since I've heard this event from last year, I've been so curious in finding out what's in store for me there. I'd say its kinda similar to Animax or Toycon or probably any cosplay event that I know of. I may be wrong but I had to check it for myself.

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3. Digital Photographer Philippine's 6th Anniversary Event: This would be my third if I will choose this one (and I may choose this over the two XD). Its an event for photographers from all walks of life and from all classes from newbies to seasoned professionals. You won't miss some of the free lectures given by the top pros in the country as well as some shoot-out with them with a fully-dressed models. And to recap the event, the live judging of selected photographs to be criticized by top photographers together with some free booze to boot. XD

Taken from their facebook page

Why oh why! All of these events on the same date with three different locations opposites from one another. Its like the ends of an XYZ-axis. Come on, you can't be serious right? Let's just have this one at a time. XD

But at the end of the day, what matters is you enjoyed it once its over.

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