Saturday, March 3

Seattle's Best Planner (5th Review)

Actually, I'm not keen anymore on getting this planner as the one I got in 2007 got me disappointed. Until I saw this from a blog last year (I need to recall where) and checked its inclusions, I told myself, I have enough budget for one more planner XD. 

All I need to do is to collect 18 stickers (10 from their regular drinkss and 8 from their holiday drinks). I had my wife take a look at the planner and she gave me the go signal to collect the stickers. It took me more or less 45 days to complete my stickers (treated some of my officemates at times XD).

If only I knew about this sooner, I would have gotten this planner first over the rest. 

When I got this planner at the end of January this year, I take a peek of what's inside.

The freebies inside are pretty much generous as I think they have almost 4000-pesos worth of freebies inside. It also has an audio CD for music lovers as well as free wifi stickers to be used at any SBC outlet.

The cover is pretty slick in style and on the inside, it also has a rubbery feel. The pages of this planner is bound by metal rings so its also refillable (just make sure to get the right paper in terms of size).

There are pages that shows each month, however, this planner does not have weekly nor daily pages that a usual planner has. In fact it looks more like a notebook to me with some artworks.

I think I could still use this planner for next year and probably buy some refills. Would I recommend this? Its up to you =P

Pictures to follow soon. XD

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