Friday, March 2

FHM's New Cover for March 2012

After the trouble FHM got no thanks to those MALICIOUS MORONS (apologies if you're included in here =P ), they have now released a new cover for their 12th anniversary issue. 

The new FHM March 2012 Cover

Upon seeing this cover, I was quite dismayed that they replaced an art with a mediocre. They could have retained the caption "Stepping Out of the Shadows" since the layout has already been replaced. That caption actually means that she want to have her own identity and not just being tagged as another Padilla.

If you look at her pose, its so common, I recall some of the previous cover girls did the same pose but they were able to justify why they had to do it. I'm hoping the article on her would compensate for her cover. Imagine from WOW, it turned to WHAT?!?

I'd still buy the cover to further complete my collection and if for some reason they have leaked-out the previous cover, I'd buy it in a heartbeat as it will be a collectors item in the months to come.

I hope those MALICIOUS MORONS who defy what would have been considered art would buy the magazine as they have already got what they want.

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