Tuesday, February 7

The week that was (January 29 - February 4)

Sunday: Got up early as I took Migmig out for a walk. A few minutes after, I got hungry so I had breakfast at Mc Donald's. I took her with me and have her try to sit on a high chair. She was able to sit steadily but I have to constantly make sure that she sits properly so that she won't fell from the high chair and so that we won't be having much problems when we look for a place to eat in the future. When we got back, I brought her back to her mom so they could get some more sleep while I do other things. By lunchtime, my wife went online while I took care of our baby until she fell asleep for an hour or so. By 4:00pm, we went to church to hear mass before going to SM Manila to buy some groceries. This would be the first time me, my wife and my baby will do some groceries. I put Migmig on the cart sitting infront of me and she liked it =). After doing the grocery, we had dinner at Rai-Rai Ken since they have a 50% discount on Ramen. By 7:45pm, were back home and spent the rest of the night there. I went to bed early as my wife went online until early morning.

Monday: Got up early again as I had to take out my baby for a walk.My wife got a text message from her cousin (Migmig's Aunt) that she won't be able to visit us to take care of her. Left with no choice, my wife didn't report for work and took care of our baby for the day. I helped her in any way I could though. By late afternoon, my wife go hungry so I went out and looked for a good place to grab a bite. I took Chowking's new offerings (Chef's Bowl) and they tasted just right. By night time, Migmig was having a hard time sleeping early so she got to play with us and her uncles and aunties. I went online outside for an hour before going back home to join them in bed.

Tuesday: Got up earlier than my usual 7:30am wake-up time. Around 7:15am, me and my daughter were already out for her morning walk. I still feel so tired and sleepy but still I enjoyed looking at my daughter do her best. By 8:45am, we went back home to put her back to sleep. I took an hour nap and got up an hour later after Migmig woke me up. When I opened my eyes, I saw her smile indicating that she's ready to go again. I had my brunch while my wife took care of our baby (she wasn't able to report for work for the second straight day). I got in the office early for two months now (Since November 30, 2011) and I am proud of that since I haven't been doing that in a long time XD. Since our room was packed, I wasn't able to go online until 3:30pm. I had lunch early as my stomach begins to growl again. By night time, work was quite steady as we got to do other things aside from work. I left the office at almost midnight as I had to complete my Mafia Wars first XD. Then, I got home an hour later and joined my wife and baby to bed.

Wednesday: Got up at past 7:00am as my daughter was already up and awake after sleeping for twelve hours. We went out for a walk and got back after an hour. Thank God her auntie was much better now which means my wife can resume her office work. I went online for an hour before I went back home to spend the rest of the morning. I left home at almost 1:00pm knowing that I'm gonna be late for work.     Before 7:00pm, I went to Glorietta 5 to buy the photography book that I am eying for. For the second straight month, I got to buy another to add into my photography library for future reference (and for me to pass it on to my daughter when she grows up soon). I was also looking for a place to eat but since my stomach was still full, I went to Landmark to buy some magazines. I wasn't able to buy all as Playboy Philippines was not available where I usually buy my magazines. Then I went back to office to spend the later half of my shift. My colleagues just got in time for their work as our boss just left the office. I left early and took a cab going home since my backpack was so full of good stuff XD. I got home a few minutes before midnight and I got to watch some late night news before hitting the sack.

Thursday: Got up early as I had to take Migmig out for some fun in the sun but we didn't stay out for long since I'm having this headache. My wife told me that Migmig's aunt will come in late so I told her I'd take care of our baby while waiting for her. We slept for more an hour before she gets up to play again. When we went downstairs, her aunt just came in time. But since my headache didn't subside, I decided to inform the office that I'll be skipping work. By noon, I read Thursday's paper and edited some old pictures that I took from last year. I think I edited 50 food shots plus a few others. By 6:00pm, Migmig's aunt call it a day and I took care of my baby from there while waiting for my wife to come home. Then we put her to sleep and she slept at around 8:00pm. I had my dinner after and my wife followed. I got to watch the late night news before going upstairs to join them. I went online for a while before finally going to bed.

Friday: Got up at past 6:00am as my daughter was already awake from a 10-hour sleep. Though its good for her to sleep that long, I had only a 5-hour sleep that made me feel a little bit sleepy XD.We got to go out early for her morning walk. Then we got back at around 8:30am since I feel a little bit sleepy already but I wasn't able to get a nap XD. Instead, I just watched TV in the morning until its time for me to go back to work.When I got back to work, I was the only Helpdesk in the office (aside from the 2 OJT girls and our boss). I went to Chicboy to grab something to eat while working by my lonesome. Then, I craved for something sweet so I went to Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe to grab some desserts there. I left the office at past 11:00pm and did some late bank transaction before going home. I was supposed to get a cab but I took the bus instead to save money. When I got home, my wife was still online so I went to bed first and joined our baby.

Saturday: Got up at around 7:00am as Migmig was already playing on our bed, crawling near and far. I took her out for a walk again. Then we went back at around 8:45am so she could get her morning nap (same with me XD). I think I had a good nap as I got up at 11:00am and had myself ready for work. I left at past 12:00pm and made a quick stop at Chatime for my Taro Pudding Milk Tea before heading to the office with plenty of time to spare. While passing through Glorietta, I remembered that Coca-Cola is giving away free Coke drinks to everybody for free with no purchase required. Even before I reached the office, I passed by 7-11 to grab another free Coke XD. When I logged-in, I went out to buy lunch at Jollibee and ate it at the office. Work was quite slow so I got to read some work emails and do some office work before doing something else. I did also blog-hop by joining a comment-exchange on one of the blogger's community that I joined on facebook. There was a point in time that there were some exchange of comments that could be a bit heated but eventually, I've learned a lot from it. By 9:00pm, I went out to have dinner supposedly at Banapple but since the place was packed with people, I had to look somewhere else. All of a sudden, I got curious with BFast's dinner buffet so I gave it a try. For 288 pesos, I got really stuffed with the food on the buffet. They taste really good and it was not your usual Filipino food. I hope I could go back there sometime soon to blog about it. I got back in the office at past 10:00pm and just spent the rest of my shift to enjoy my final minutes before logging-off at past 11:30pm. While on my way home, traffic was still horrible at the time of the night but I got home in less than an hour. My wife was on the laptop doing some drafts for our baby's first birthday party. I got so tired I slept earlier than my wife XD.

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