Sunday, January 29

The week that was (January 22 - 28)

Sunday: I got up a bit early as I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun. After almost an hour, we went back so she could get her morning nap. By that time, I got Sunday's paper which I was able to read them before noon. While my wife went online, I got to take care of our baby and put her back to sleep before I fell asleep for at least an hour. By 5:00pm, We went to church to hear mass. Its me, my wife and our baby who went there to listen to the priest's lecture. After mass, we went to my mother-in-law to spend some time there while having snacks. When we got back home, Migmig felt sleepy so I was the one who put her to sleep while my wife was watching TV downstairs. I took the chance to go online for a couple of hours before going to bed.

Monday: We got up early again as I took my baby out for some fun in the sun. Then by the time she fell asleep, We prepared to get ready to the hospital for her check-up and vaccine. Hailing a cab was a breeze and so is getting there. Despite its a holiday on that day (Chinese New Year), the clinic was still open and probable, were the last group to arrive. My baby was at her cheerful best while her doctor is checking for some vital signs. He (The Doctor) mentioned that she needs to gain more weight. But he was amazed that she's quite lengthy for a 9-month old baby. After her check-up, we went to SM Megamall to have lunch there. I wanted to have lunch at Dad's but my wife find it expensive plus she said that we won't be able to enjoy it as the buffet would be until 2:30pm only. With that, we had lunch at Holy Cow and they were able to see Phil Younghusband in person XD.Unfortunately, my wife and her sister wasn't able to do a photo-op with them XD. After lunch, we went to the baby section to look for a sturdy walker for our baby. It took us almost an hour to find what our baby wanted. Taking a cab home wasn't that hard too as we left the mall for home early. When we got home, my wife went upstairs to put our baby to sleep while I assembled her walker. Its pretty big but I know she would be using it more often. When Migmig got up, my wife feed her on the walker which it also acts as a rocker while she's not walking XD. My baby had so much fun in it, everybody else seem to enjoy seeing her home. I went online at around midnight until 1:30am.

Tuesday: Got up at almost 8:00am and took Migmig out for a walk. I took her walker with me so she could practice walking. My baby really liked her new activity as me and my mother-in-law kept on watching her. When we got back home, I went online for a while before doing some errands that needs to be taken care of. Then, I left for work early as my fellow colleague won't be able to make it for work. I got in the office with plenty of time to spare so I went out to grab something to eat. Work was quite light as I got a single call and very few emails to handle. Kinda boring day if you ask me that's why I'm exploring the possibilities of moving elsewhere =P. After having dinner, I'm still craving for something sweet so I went out to look for some dessert and I ended up at Banapple for my Banoffee Pie XD. The guys from the night-shift reported early which made my work even lighter. After my shift, I went home right away. But when I got home, I went online for an hour before going to bed.

Wednesday: Got up early as my mom paid us a visit. Migmig was still sleeping by that time when she got up all of a sudden. She was at her cheerful self again. After she left, we went to her other lola so she could have her exercise. Again, I forgot to take our digicam so I just pictured my daughter's happiness in my mind. An hour later, we went back so she could have her bath before going to bed for her morning nap. I went out to buy 2 orders of dumplings from Chowking so I could pair it up with rice. For a change, I got to edit a few sets of pictures that I took a few months back. Then I got ready for work again. I left at 11:45am and took my usual route. For a change, I didn't pass by my milk tea spot (Chatime) and instead, I went to Fully Booked at Greenbelt 5 to look for photography books. I was able to find some books that are not available at other locations. I got in the office just in the nick of time. Again, I am the only one on-shift so I had to be more aware. I had to look for food before dinner and I ended up ordering 2 servings of dumplings again. By night time, I got a little bit busy with work and with watching some documentaries on you tube. Before I went home, I passed by Mc Donalds to grab something to bite before finally getting home at past midnight. I was really tired and weary for the day that I look forward to sleep for 10 hours (I wish! XD). 

Thursday: At 4:00am, Migmig was already up though my wife and I were still sleepy plus our fan is making this weird noise that kinda annoying. By 7:15am I got up again as Migmig threw-up lots of milk after being fed by her mom. I'm wondering why does this happen while most of the time when we feed her in the morning, she doesn't throw-up. My daughter got to walk just within our home as my body felt that I need to sleep more. Then I went online for an hour before I got back home to watch more TV. By 11:45am, I got ready for work and took the same route. I got a Taro Pudding Milk Tea this time from Chatime instead of my usual Pearl Milk Tea. By the time I got to Glorietta, I checked the Photoworld Asia Tradefair and I didn't notice any change. Probably, I wasn't that keen on staying there for long. At work, I'm kinda pissed at the moment once I got to work but I had to set it aside and do work. To be honest, I'm not in the mood to work today and I'd rather be somewhere else than her in the office (for today). Though I got to fix several issues pretty quick, I wanted to be somewhere else, period. I had 3 packs of lomi for my late lunch as I need to save money and get better. By dinner, I was looking for a decent place to eat. After looking through Greenbelt 5,2 and 3, I ended up at Landmark's foodcourt XD. I had Savory Chicken Solo MEal for dinner which was so filling. I grabbed something to drink before heading back to office. Work was pretty much better now and I was able to calm down in the evening. Though I thought I have to stay for the entire night as one of my colleague told us he won't be able to report but after a few seconds, he showed up. Before I went home, I grabbed a sundae at Mc Donalds to cool me down completely. When I got home, my wife was still awake. 

Friday: Thank God I got up at almost 8:30am uninterrupted from my sleep the whole night XD.I went online for an hour before doing other things that needs to be done like cleaning my camera lens that I haven't been using for almost two months now. I left home at past 12:00pm and stopped by at Food Extreme to have my lunch Though I wanted to have lechon kawali, it would be safe to avoid that for now as my dentures are not yet fixed. Then it was a long journey for me to the office and I almost got late thanks for the stop at PWA at Glorietta Activity Center XD. Work was quite slow as I got to process three tickets. But my mind wanted to do something else and somehow, I wanted to do it now. For dinner, I went to Chicboy and luckily, their lechon sisig was still available. After dinner, I went back to the office and enjoy the rest of my shift before going home. When I got home, my wife was still up and online before I used the laptop for a couple more minutes.

Saturday: Got up at almost 8:30am again and I didn't noticed that my cellphone rang its alarm. When I decided to get up, I took Migmig down with me for some fun in the sun. Then we went back so that she could get her morning nap. But she doesn't want to go to sleep yet so we (me, my wife and my baby) went down and had her walk with her walker within our neighborhood. My baby loved walking these days as she gets very curious at her environment. My wife fed our baby while she's at her walker and she seems to like it. I didn't notice of the time and its almost noon when I took a bath and get myself ready for work. Same route but different pit stops (both at Landmark). I got my taro pudding milk tea from Chatime for the third time and chicken sisig meal from Sisig Hooray before reaching the office. Work was literally boring so I got to do something else that made me a bit productive. By dinner, I went to Ayala Triangle Garden to have lunch Banapple only to find out that the place was too crowded so I took a jeepney ride to Glorietta. From there, I went to food choices to look for a place to eat. Manang's Fried Chicken just recently opened so I tried their food and it tastes good. After dinner, I quickly went back to the office to do some server monitoring (all servers were fine XD). Before I ended my shift, my boss told me to create a ticket for one user (VIP) in the US who is having problems logging-in. It turned out to be that the problem was the same as the one that one of our US counterpart was having problems with. Eventually, the VIP wanted us to disregard his problem and I just closed his ticket. Before going home, I had a quick stop at Mc Donalds for some Oreo Mc Flurry and I got home a few minutes before 1:00am. I went to bed ahead of my wife as she's busy online.   

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