Tuesday, October 4

The week that was (September 25 - October 1)

Sunday: I got up early as I got to do some errands before waking my wife and baby up as were off to another day. By 11:00am, we took a cab going to my wife's couturier to pick-up her dress before heading to Berting's Grill in Tomas Morato to have lunch there (I'll create a separate blog for this). After our long lunch, it was off to SM North Edsa for the three of us. When we got there, we looked for a stroller rental so we could put Migmig there to make things much easier. It took us a while before we convinced ourselves to rent a three-wheeled stroller. We went to SM Department Store to look for some jewelry for my wife. My wife prefers cheap-priced but elegant-looking jewelries over high-priced ones. It took us almost two hours to look for the perfect jewelry for my wife as she herself got confused on what to purchase. When we were paying over the counter, she only spent less than 700 pesos for a set of jewelry. Not bad for a very frugal wife XD. Then we went to the infant section as my wife insists to buy some new clothes for Migmig. I don't mind spending money for my baby as long as she'll be using it and its of high quality. We spent around 1,500 pesos for a couple of clothes for her to use whenever we go to the hospital for her check-up. By the time were finished shopping, it was already 4:00pm and we were about to meet an online buyer that I exchanged sms with. After 15-20 minutes, We got to meet the online seller that I have bought my 24-105 Canon lens with. I tried my newly acquired lens and so far so good (I might post a blog about this). Then we went to SM North Edsa Annex Bldg as my wife wanted to check some iPad but we ended up at National Bookstore reading childrens books for our baby before finally going home. We got home tired and beat-up but we got to accomplish a lot. I went online until past 1:00am before hitting the sack.

Monday: Got up at almost 8:00am and it was almost raining as I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there and get some stuff from her. Then, I was off to Quiapo to buy a UVMC filter for my newly-purchased 24-105 lens. I got back home at almost 10:30am and my wife was ready for her make-up. I got myself ready and dressed-up since we have to attend her friend's wedding. We hailed a cab at around 1:30pm and got to SSA at around 2:00pm. We were the first to arrive at the church as I checked the area and took some snaps (I might create a blog about her friend's wedding). After the wedding, we head back home right away but our big umbrella was stolen and I had no choice but to get one so that we don't get wet while waiting for a cab. We got home at around 9:30pm as our baby was patiently waiting for her parents to come home. I went online at around 10:30pm and felt so sleepy at 1:00am that I decided to join my wife and baby to bed as we doze-off despite heavy rains.

Tuesday: I got up at past 9:30am as strong winds kept on whirling within our place creating sounds that I felt that someone's roof was about to be blown away. The morning was really scary as strong winds coupled with heavy rainfall that made me decide not to report for work as my family fear for my safety. By 1:00pm, I went online outside as our broadband internet was having issues for a couple of hours. Then I got back home to go online there for the rest of the afternoon until almost late in the evening.

Wednesday: I got up at around 8:00am and I was able to do some photo editing. I make sure I'm prepared for work as I got in the office early. Work was pretty much smooth as I got to do some emails and calls. I got home a few minutes past midnight as my baby was still up and looking forward to be with her daddy XD.

Thursday: I got up at around 8:00am to do some photo editing. I am slowly starting to edit some of my 2011 pictures as most of my 2010 sets were for uploading already. I am editing pictures while watching cartoons on TV XD. Then my wife and baby got up at 10:30am and she told me to carry Migmig first as she'll have her breakfast. Then it was me who prepared for work. I stopped by at Food Extreme for lunch and I had buttered chicken and laing. It was a fulfilling lunch before I head to work. I got in the office at 1:30pm and checked most of my online stuff.Work was quite full as I got to take some emails and some calls. There was this call that I should have escalated but instead, I had to stay with the user until past my scheduled log-off time.

Friday: By midnight, I'm still at the office waiting for the user's problem to be resolved with the help of our US counterparts. By 12:45am, I'm on my way home but passed by the drugstore to buy milk for Migmig. I got home 15 minutes before 2:00am as my baby got up again. We gave her milk before all of us go to sleep. I got up 6 hours later as my body (as well as my eyes) were still tired from spending more hours in the office. I took my baby down for exercise before taking her back to her mom again. I got to watch a little TV before I heard my baby cry again. I took her down before taking her back to her mom until both of them went down. I had to buy diaper for my baby. As I go to the supermarket, the weather was warm and the sun was high up. I hope the next day would also be a sunny day. I had my things ready for today's work and for tomorrow's photowalk as I am still thinking what lens to bring for the walk. I even left home at almost 1:00pm but I got in the office just in time. Work was quite ok as my shift progresses. By night time, I checked my ATM and viola, I got my paycheck already and treated myself with some goodies from Mom and Tina's. This time, I made sure I log-off early and left the office just in time. But I wasn't able to hail a cab home so I ended up taking the bus going home. I tried to buy extra milk and diapers for Migmig but I wasn't able to find the one I need. I got home at almost 1:00am and try my best to get the most out of my few hours of sleep. 

Saturday: I heard my cellphone rang as early as 5:15am (I set it to that time) but I had a hard time waking up so I dozed off for a couple of minutes before finally getting up at 6:00am. I took a quick bath and brushed my teeth before leaving home at 6:30am. It took me a while reaching Nayong Pilipino and I thought I was the first one who got there. It happened to be I was probably the 30th person to arrive (I'll create a separate post for this). By 11:30am, were done with our walk and head-off to SM MOA to have our lunch there. We had lunch at Rack's as I had boneless ribs with sidings for lunch. I left the group at almost 2:00pm and I got in the office at 3:00pm. Good thing work wasn't that much as got to do other things. Our boss apparently didn't go home last night and stayed in the office for more than 24 hours having dilemma with our schedule. If you ask me, I prefer that they don't touch my schedule and its rest days until the end of the year. Ater our boss left the office, we got to take care of some things before I went to Glorietta to look for some men's magazines. Unfortunately, I haven't got any latest issue so I just bought dinner. I got to watch some documentaries from youtube before I answered a call on password reset. I was supposed to go home early but my colleague wanted to unwind so I joined and left at exactly midnight. I took a cab going home and got there in 30 minutes where I got to bond with my baby before finally going to sleep.


  1. Hi. How much yung rental ng stroller sa SM North? Thanks!

  2. Hi. Ask lang how much stroller rental sa SM North! Thanks!

  3. AFAIK, 180 pesos sya (Unlimited). ^_^


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