Sunday, October 23

The week that was (October 16 - 22)

Sunday: Got up at past 9:30am as I was able to get some good sleep though I feel I need more XD. After doing my morning rituals, I went to SM Manila to buy some magazines for my wife (Goodhouse Keeping and Smart Parenting) at the same time, I got to buy a guide in finding the right yaya/household help for only 150 pesos (originally priced at 390; 195 each). When I got back, I took a bath and got ready for work. I had lunch at home so I could spend more time with Migmig as she got up from her sleep. I got in the office early as my colleagues from the morning shift enjoyed their stay. At 3:00pm, I went out to look for some more magazines but I ended up buying DPP's issue #40 XD. When I got back, my colleague told me that she wanted to go home early which to me, I didn't mind. Good thing my friends from the night-shift arrived early to keep me company. Having good company makes me sane here in the office until I logged-off at almost 11:30pm. I grabbed a bite at KFC before heading home. Migmig was up when I got into our room. I got to spend more time with her while I helped my wife before finally going to bed.

Monday: I got up at around 7:45am and started to edit Migmig's pictures (up to Day 165). I even left home late at 12:45pm but I got in the office just 2 minutes late XD. Work here in the office is quite bountiful as I have to escalate an outage to one of the managers in the US (who appears to be still sleeping XD). Even until 7:00pm while having dinner, I got a call but I was able to resolve it eventually. Work was quite smooth as the guys from the night shift just came. By 11:00pm, I was able to log-off and went home to my family.  

Tuesday: I got up early and was suppose to edit some pictures. After doing my morning ritual, I went upstairs but my wife shouted saying Migmig fell-off from our bed as I heard her cry loud. I got scared at first but we have to take it as a caution to keep an eye on her all the time (both of us). Thank God nothing much happened to our baby as she got back to her normal, cheerful self. I left home just in time as commuting to the office went really smooth. I went out to settle some payment at one of the banks there for my voucher transactions. I got a bit shocked as the payment system inside BPI is quite new to me. Eventually, the transaction went smooth and I got to learn a thing or two XD. Work was really smooth as I got to help one of the users in Singapore have his problem fixed (temporarily). By 11:00pm, I logged-off right away and went straight home but not without passing by one of the drugstores along the way for my wife's need. Unfortunately, they ran out of supplies so I got home almost empty-handed.

Wednesday: Got up a bit early at 8:00am and watched a little TV before going to The Medical City to have Migmig vaccinated again. It didn't took us that long to get there though it took us almost 30 minutes to hail a cab. Once we got to the hospital, we were 5th on the list. We waited until it was her turn. The doctor's were amused on how she interacts with them. She brought her baby antics as she kept on talking to the doctors prompting them to tell us that our baby will soon start talking. Then it was time for her vaccine. I was anticipating that she would cry as she gets needled. She didn't cry while being vaccinated, just after XD. After settling our balance, we were suppose to go to SM Megamall to have our late lunch there. But no thanks to heavy rains, we got stuck at the hospital for at least 30 minutes. Instead, we took a bus and have our lunch at Robinson's Galeria. When we got there, we had our lunch at Hainanese Delights and we got stuffed since they have the "Hainanese Rice All-You-Can" there while most of their food were really affordable. After lunch, we decided to go home since its almost getting dark. I got to help my wife take care of our baby as we take turns especially during my rest days.

Thursday: Got up at past 8:00am as all the three of us got really tired from the previous day. I remember that I have to meet my mom but when I got a text message from one of facebook's pages, I went online at a nearby cafe located in SM Manila. It happens to be that I won a free shirt from them. Then I had brunch at Manang's which I haven't visited in months. Then, I took a pedicab to Manila Cathedral to claim Migmig's Baptismal Certificate. I had to pay an additional 50 pesos for the copy. Then I took a cab to Harrison Plaza as it was almost 12:00pm. I was able to do some groceries consisting of Migmig's baby food and some more before buying her a cake. I took a cab going home as I feel tired and a little bit sleepy. When I got back home, I rested for a while before taking a bath. Then I dozed-off for probably an hour or so. Since its Migmig's 6th month, I called Shakey's to have some food delivered to our place. Once the food arrived, I grabbed some while I'm online. I helped my wife lessen some chores as she makes sure she gives her full attention to our baby girl. As everyone is almost home, I took more pictures of Migmig now that she can start eating soft food like Cerelac and Gerber as well as blowing her cake. Everyone was happy now that our baby is half a year old already. In a few more months, she can walk and talk all by herself and I am looking forward to that day.

Friday: Got up as early as 7:30am as Migmig was already up. My wife told me to take her out for some sunshine as she got online early for her meeting. We went to her mom's stall and stayed there for a while before we went back home. After putting her to bed, she fell asleep right away and I got to do some errands. For some reason, having less than 6 hours of sleep makes me a bit cranky and uneasy. I left home at around 12:30pm as Migmig was almost asleep. It didn't take me that long to reach the office though it was challenging to get there as I am not feeling 100% ok. I was able to claim my free shirt from What's the big deal? It's just rubber facebook page. Then my boss and I had a one-on-one talk. It appears to be that our manager wanted me to be sent to their Belgium site for training. He knows that I would be having mixed reactions about it and I was. Honestly, I wanted out because I wanted to try new things as well as spend more time with Migmig so her mom could go to work this time. I was thinking of that just after renewing my contract. I got to answer several emails from the EMEA Region as well as installed a software from one of the US users.Thanks God after my shift I was able to go home early and spend more time with my family.

Saturday: I got up at 9:30am as I made sure I got more than enough sleep to get myself recharged. I took Migmig with me as she was already awake by that time. By 10:15am, I went online at a nearby internet shop to update my facebook as well as other things. When I got back, I prepared my stuff for work but I saw Migmig was already up so I took her down to her mom to have her fed. I left home at exactly 1:00pm and because of that, I got late by 20 minutes. Work was quite slow as we haven't got any tickets so far. By 3:30pm, I went to SM Makati to buy Migmig's milk and diapers. I compared the costs of Migmig's milk at SM and at Mercury Drug and it was cheaper to buy her milk from the drugstore by more than 200 pesos. I grab a bit at Subway before heading back to the office. I got to answer at least 2 emails coming from EMEA as we closely monitor some of the servers in the US. By 10:00pm, we got to chill-out and relax before leaving the office. I took a cab as I got some stuff that is quite big to carry around. I hot home in no time and spent some more time with my family before going to sleep.

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