Wednesday, September 28

The week that was (September 18 - 24)

Sunday: I got up at past 9:00am as my body felt so weak after a weeks work. But still, I got to pack my things and head for San Pedro. I got there after 2 hours and started putting my stuff from my bag to their respective cabinets. For lunch, I went to Tudings to enjoy the old porkchop meals I used to have a few years back. I was able to get some rest and sort thigs before going back home to Manila. I got back after 2 hours and started helping my wife online. Then my wife told me that Migmig was running out of milk. So I head out and buy milk for her so her supply would be available. I went online until past 1:00am.

Monday: I got up at 7:00am as my mom texted me saying she's at our place. My mom got to our place pretty quick but Migmig was still sleeping. We went upstairs to see her and she got awake. She was in a good mood to play with her grandmother for a few minutes before my mom left to attend a meeting in the office. Then they went back to sleep as I prepared our things since its our baby's check-up at the hospital that day.We left at past 11:00am and got there at probably almost 12:30pm. When we got there, we were #34 and they have just finished patient #17. We decided to have our lunch at CBTL located at the next building (I might create a separate blog for this). When we got back an hour later, they have finished patient #26. We waited inside the clinic instead and just goofed around. Thank God Migmig was at her most cheerful mood as her check-up went very smooth. She just gained 0.2kg. but it was just normal as what her doctor said. After her check-up, we went home right away as we spend almost 4 hours at the hospital. I took a few minutes rest before going to SM Manila to buy Migmig's cake. When I got back, I helped my wife and at the same time, take Migmig's picture with her cake. I went online until past midnight before going to bed.

Tuesday: I got up at 8:00am and set-up our laptop to edit Migmig's pictures. while editing, I noticed some of the pictures were missing but I was able to do something about it. By 10:30am, I did some errands before getting ready for work. I left at past 12:30pm as I got to spend some more time with Migmig. An hour later, I got to the office. Work was quite steady as I got to answer several emails to process as well as two calls. Work was quite steady until my shift ended at 11:00pm. I got home an hour later and spend more time with my family before hitting the sack. 

Wednesday: At 6:00am, my eyes were already open but I still wanted to get 2 more hours of sleep but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get some more. I lift my butt at 8:00am as I started editing pictures again. I got to do some quick fixes and so far, most of Migmig's pictures got better after doing some global enhancements. By 10:30am, I went out to have brunch as there was no food cooked at home. Then, I prepared my things for work as I left early at 12:00pm. I got in the office early but the bad news was, our phone lines were down as were using a temporary phone (good news for me XD). Still, we got to work on some emails but there were few to almost no calls during my shift. I left the office at past 11:00pm and got home a few minutes past midnight. Migmig was at her crib playing while her mom was online. I got to spend some more time with them before going to bed.

Thursday: Got up at 8:00am even if I still feel sleepy (I slept at past 2:00am). Instead of editing pictures, I went online as well as transfer newly edited pictures from our laptop to my USB. Migmig got up early and in a good mood as she played with her parents. Her mom put her to sleep only to get up an hour later. Then it was off to work for me as I got in the office in the nick of time. I checked some of my online pages before going to work. Well work was quite slow as I got to watch some documentary films on youtube. By 11:00pm, I logged my PC off and went straight home. But before that, I stopped by Mercury Drug in Shaw Blvd to buy milk for my wife. When I got home, my baby was still awake and cheerful. We spend some time before putting her to sleep (and so are we).

Friday: I got up at almost 8:00am. Still sleepy, I went to my mom at Harrison Plaza to hand some stuff to her. I got back home an hour later to watch TV. It was a pretty lazy morning that I was moving at a slow pace. My wife and baby got up at past noon thinking it was only 8:00am XD. I left home early but I got in the office 10 minutes late    I've been too pre-occupied with a lot of things in the office which prevents me to compose my thoughts and put them here. Work and non-work related things kept me at bay in updating here plus thinking of entries to put in here. My PC crashed all of a sudden so I had to boot it up again for almost 30 minutes O.O. Work was quite steady by night time falls. I went out to have lasagna from Banapple which tastes good.After my shift, I went straight home but not without passing through the drugstore again to buy some vitamins for my wife. When I got home, my baby was wide awake as she just got up a few minutes past midnight. I told my wife the details of our possible transaction this coming Sunday for my soon to be 24-105 lens from Canon. I'm so excited I can't wait for that day XD.

Saturday: I got up at past 8:00am which I was suppose to get up 2 hours early. I got myself ready, took my camera bag together with some stuff and went to SM Megamall to check on the exhibit which is a tribute to former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. I got there early so I took a quick bite at Jollibee. Then there was an old couple who wanted to share a seat with me and I obliged. It seems that she's hungry while her partner kept on telling her to eat-up. After my quick meal, I went to SM Megamall which was about to open. I passed by National Bookstore to get some envelopes for my stuff before going to the exhibit. To my disappointment, I didn't see that exhibit anywhere. Probably it has already ended and moved to a different location. Before going to Makati, I bought a new umbrella since I've been wanting to buy a bigger one for a long time and its raining outside as well. When I got to Makati, I went to World Topps to have my early lunch there but the guy said that they wont open until 2:00pm. I guess I had to go to the office early again and went online early. By 2:30pm, I went back to World Topps to have my late lunch there (I'll create a separate blog for this). It was a long lunch I went back in the office at almost 4:00pm (being a Saturday). I got two calls during my shift and both of them were password resets (piece of cake! XD). I made reservations at Berting's Grill for lunch there the next day and we were well taken care of. At 9:30pm, I went out to but some Zinger meal for me at KFC before my shift ended. I went home right away but I took the bus instead of taking a cab to save me some money. I got home an hour later and got to spend time with my family before going to bed.

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