Wednesday, September 7

Should I let people criticize my blog?

After reading this from, I realized that I won't be able to escape from criticisms one way or another. Actually, as a photographer, I welcome comments and criticisms as long as in a way help me improve not just as a blogger, but also a person in whole. However, if the comment was deemed offensive or simply a spam, I just click on delete XD.

Taken from Google

I'll post here five key business reasons to allow the comment.

1. Traffic: Comments of any kind – negative or positive – encourage participation, sharing and referencing on social networks, which increases traffic to your site.

2. SEO: Every new comment is actually an update to your site, leading to more authority in the eyes of Google. Also, the more comments left by other bloggers, the more likely they will link to your blog from their own sites, meaning more inbound links, another thing Google likes.

3. Credibility: Allowing dissent from your own corporate view will convey an air of confidence in your arguments and belief in your brand. It will speak of an organisation that wants its beliefs tested until they are solid. It will lend an atmosphere of genuine debate to your site, hopefully making it a go-to resource for people with all sorts of different views.

4. Research/business intelligence: Through criticism, you get to understand what the key misconceptions about – and valid challenges to – your opinions are so you understand what you could be doing better or how you could be arguing your case more effectively. Don’t forget that for every negative view expressed on your site, there could be 10 or even 100 people who had the same issue without you even realising it. Your response to the seemingly unhelpful commenter could actually be a response to dozens of people who felt exactly the same but weren’t telling you.

5. Content strategy: The comments section, especially the comments that disagree with you, will help hone the content on the blog by informing ideas for future blog topics, videos and podcasts. They are also another good gauge of how well the content is being received and what sort of content is working best (beyond traffic figures).

See?!? There's nothing wrong having a comment or two. Just make sure that you'll benefit from it and take it from there. 

Note: Another Late Post. XD

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