Saturday, September 24

Late Lunch at World Topps

I just got here after my late lunch at World Topps in Valero and I must say its worth every cent that I spent. I got there at around 2:30pm as my voucher from Ensogo states I could only get the deal between 2:00pm to 6:00pm. I am the only customer inside as its a Saturday (most people are having their rest days).

While waiting for my order, I tried taking some snaps of the place (though it was dimly lit) to have my wife see it. One by one, my food came and I can't wait to chow them down but not after taking some decent photos of them.

First that came to my table was the World Topps Nachos (160 pesos). Probably you think that its just your usual nachos but its loaded with melted cheese and ground beef. It can be a meal itself. While taking my time on the nachos, they have already served me my Sisig Topps (150 pesos). Though it tastes good, I find it a bit ordinary for me. But it still tastes good XD.

For dessert, I had both The American Mango Crumble (95 pesos) and Turon ala mode 95 pesos). I liked them both as both of them have ice cream on it. The sweetness of turon was just right though the mango crumble was a little bit on the sourish side.


On a budget, I would recommend World Topps to anyone especially those working in Makati.


  1. They all look so mouth-watering especially the nachos!

    I've loved nachos and whenever we have it, we always mix with salsa, cheese and vegetables. It is a complete meal by itself! ;)

  2. Wow, I haven't been to world topps in a loong time..I miss that mango crumble

  3. Where exactly in Valero is this? My mom works in the area, so it would be nice to have dinner there if ever I'm in Makati The nachos is mouth-watering :)

  4. I guess its been a long time Since i have tried nachos! will sure to get one next time when i am ok to eat solid foods then! The restaurant looks very good and presentable!! xx

  5. Those food you ordered are good enough for person whose on a diet, the servings are good enough just to fill an empty stomach which could not add much calorie intake.

  6. yep, World Topps was a go-to place for me when I was still working in Makati. My office is also just along Valero so it's just a short walk.

  7. Hmmm. The place looks small but well maintained.

    The menu looks decent with reasonable prices.

    When it comes to Nachos... I am so into it. I make mine at home though with loads of homemade cheesesauce, taco minced beef and a creme fraiche plus nacho sauce mix. It's heaven!!! Many love their nachos with guacamole, too. I don't :)

    Happy new year!


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