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The Baby is now a Lady (The life of Frances Bean Cobain)

Have you ever wondered how Kurt Cobain's daughter look like years after his death. I had no idea as time passed by and life goes on. Not until now. 

Kurt, Courtney and Little Frances Bean

Frances Bean, now 19 years old

A friend of mine posted an article regarding Kurt Cobain's daughter all grown up. Time really flies so fast that I remember Kurt carrying little Frances Bean on his arms before his untimely death in 1994 (I was only 15 years old back then). More than fifteen years have past, she surfaces as a young fine lady (Frances Bean Cobain, 19 years old) taking little step at a time. 

She has a resemblance of her dad Kurt

Born August 18, 1992, to Kurt and his wife and fellow grunge rocker Courtney Love, Frances Bean's name was a tribute to the singer/guitarist of an obscure Scottish rock band the couple adored (Frances McKee of the Vaselines) as well as stemming from Kurt's impression that his daughter looked like a "kidney bean" in ultrasounds.

 Little Frances all grown-up

No longer resembling a kidney bean -- but eerily evoking both of her famous parents simultaneously -- the rock 'n' roll daughter is just beginning to step into the limelight as a model. Her piercing eyes, striking dark looks and tattooed back were highlighted in a recent series of black and white photos taken by renowned fashion photographer Hedi Slimane. 

An artist in her own right

Ms. Cobain's interests extend well beyond fashion, though. In keeping with the philosophy inked across her back ("Art is the solution to chaos"), Frances Bean premiered a collection of drawings last year in Los Angeles. She also provided backup vocals on a track recorded by the unusual indie band Evelyn Evelyn (a male/female duo who pretend to be conjoined twin sisters onstage). She even interned at Rolling Stone during the summer of 2008.

Photo: Courtesy of Hedi Slimane's Diary

To read the entire article, you may find them here, and here

Is there a possibility that she would do a remake of her dad's songs in Nervermind? Who knows.


  1. Wow, she's so beautiful!!!!! I love her eyebrows. Haha.

  2. She is beautiful, and has a potential to shine

  3. She is beautiful! I think I'll be googling Evelyn Evelyn in a few. Hahaha!

  4. she's gorgeous...but i don't seem to like the way she's looking now..parang astig na eh... ;( sayang naman ang beauty..

  5. i super agree! she's really gorgeous!

  6. Never knew anything about Kurt Cobain's family life until this. Thanks for this.

  7. time flies so fast .She now turned into a beautiful lady

  8. this is new and interesting to me.thought the baby was a boy - and then wow she's a pretty young woman!

  9. wow..she's gorgeous lady..but cute when he's still a baby.

  10. Her dad has a great influence on her look, I guess. She's beautiful and I can see that her image is still hooked sa music. Great!

    Noks Sosa I

  11. Wow. Kurt Cobain's daughter sure has grown up

  12. I don't know her but cool she's an artist too


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