Monday, August 1

My August To-Do List

I think I have to do a lot of things this month. Thirty-one days won't be probably enough but I have to keep my schedule prompt and go to all as much as I can. Anyway, here are the things I need to do this month. 

1. Complete all Men's Magazine for August and try to buy some back issues. 
2. Attend the seminar for Marien's Baptismal at The Manila Cathedral on August 6.
3. Settle our balance with Max's Intramuros and do final detailing with them.
4. Go home to Batangas to visit my Dad there and to Laguna to check on my things and my mom. 
5. Attend my colleague's daughter's birthday on August 7
6. Attend the Blogfest 2.0 at Trinoma on August 5. 
7. Settle internet and electric bills
8. Accompany Marien on her check-up on August 19.
9. Try to attend Teriyaki Boy Matsuri event at Eastwood Central Plaza on August 14. 
10. Attend Dutdutan 2011 for 2 days from August 26-27 2011. 
11. Try to visit Japan: Kingdom of Characters Exhibit on or before August 20. 
12. Focus on my baby's baptism on August 21. 
13. Attend the World Food Expo at SMX between August 4-5.
14. Attend FHM's Autograph Signing for NiƱa Jose on August 6 at Robinson's Galeria Movieworld.
15. Try to renew my Passport that has been expired for more than a year now XD. 

This would be it for now as I'll be updating it twice this month XD.

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