Sunday, August 21

Having a Momolicious Lunch at Momo

A week ago (August 14), I left home early and packed my lunch so I could have it in the office for dinner XD. But my reason why I left early was to try Momo located at Ayala Triangle Gardens. I recall locating Momo before at Robinson's Place a few years back in Manila but it has been closed and moved to Eastwood city.

Busy Staff XD

Fast forward, I got myself already in front of Momo's Ayala Triangle Garden branch and a bit clueless on what to pick. I only have a 500-peso voucher (from Cashcashpinoy) and I don't want to exceed my spending again. When I got inside, I felt like I was home because of its homey atmosphere. Since there were only a few people having lunch there on a Sunday made it much better for me as I prefer it that way (peaceful and quiet).

It quiet on the upper floor.

While waiting for my lunch, I had a tall glass of Dalandan Frozen Iced Tea (150 pesos). The iced tea was really refreshing and serving was so generous as it is served in a tall glass.

Dalandan Frozen Iced Tea

Soup was next as Herbed Cream Pumpkin Soup (150 pesos) was served next. The soup was flavorful though I hardly noticed any bacon bits in it. Nevertheless, the thickness of the soup makes it really good.

Herbed Cream Pumpkin Soup

See how thick and creamy this soup is. XD

I felt home when the Creamy Baked Mac Bolognese (250 pesos) was next served. The spinach cream made the difference as you won't notice any aftertaste of spinach in the macaroni. This is highly recommended for kids who don't eat vegetables as they will like it.

Creamy Baked Mac Bolognese

So Yummy! XD

And to cap my meal, I ordered Chocnut Sansrival (195 pesos). This is one of the most expensive slice of cake I've ever tasted. Though it tastes sweet and good, the high price won't cut it for me. =P

Chocnut Sansrival

My quite long lunch was really satisfying as I'm looking forward to go back again and take my wife and Migmig with me soon.


  1. I haven't been to MoMo. Now I have an idea what to order just in case get the chance. Nice pics by the way. They made me hungry

  2. I've always had my eyes on Momo Cafe but never got to try it yet! XD After reading your post, I'll sure to head out to Momo when I chance upon it :)

  3. My mouth watered on coconut sansrival, yummy!. Momo has good food,I wanna try the pumpkin soup too.

  4. Love it! We'll try to drop by here once we visit Ayala Triangle for the Christmas Light show. :)

  5. First time to hear about this Momo. I will definitely try their Dalanadan Frozen Iced Tea :)



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