Thursday, August 25

One more year

Current Mood: Secured

I just signed a contract extension with the company I am working with for one more year. Though I still have one more month to decide, they wanted to make sure that our helpdesk team would be intact as almost all of us have our contracts renewed this year. 

For me, its both for personal and professional reasons why I signed. Professionally, I need to learn more as our support extends to the EMEA region and I am not yet 100% confident in resolving most of their problems (compared to APAC and AMER regions). I need one more year to learn more on troubleshooting old and new software and hardware systems as well as I might renew my CCNA between this year and next year.

Personally, I enjoyed working at the company I am with as I don't encounter much stress and pressure compared with the previous companies I used to be connected to.Also, we have good camaraderie in the office as we never got ourselves involved in any serious arguments. Plus I could also attend events and photoshoots without compromising my schedule at work XD.

All I have to do now is enjoy the day and await for what's in it for me tomorrow XD.

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