Saturday, July 9

Top 10 reasons to date a photographer

I just got this from one of the facebook groups I'm following. Its funny and at the same time, quite realistic. Don't you agree? XD.

Update (24 Sepember 2011): I've added some reasons why which was taken from here

Top 10 reasons to date a photographer

1) They work well in the dark. Darkroom, it tooks time for us to train how to take of the film from the canister then cut it. And then, move roll it to tank developer than close it properly before switch on the light. And also, developing photos print in Dark area. So if you need help from us, We can help you anytime!

2) They’re used to funny smells. The smells of Chemicals especially Stop bath and Fixer in Darkroom. Trust me, any ex-University student who used to study art design before 2005 they’ll complain about the how awful is darkroom smells. Don’t worry about your smell, we ain’t complaint and we get used to it.

3) They make things develop. from planning, to pre-production to Post Production. Photographer are the one who develop all this idea. Who develop the film or Digital Negative too? Photographer lar bah! If you don’t know how to start something, We will develop it for you instantly!

4) They work well on many settings. You know what I mean XD.

5) They know how to focus. Nuff said` If you’re blur kind of type. Don’t worry we can help you to focus it.

6) They can make big things look small and small things look big. You know what I mean XD.

7) They work well from many different angles. No matter how bad you look in different angles, or trying sumthing adventurous with odd angle. We don’t mind~~ Too easy!

8 ) They zoom in and out. And in and out. You know what I mean XD.

9) They shoot in many different locations. You are lucky because we photographer go travel everywhere.

10) They can find the beauty in anything. You know what I mean XD.

 Well I hope you could date your own photographer after reading this. XD

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