Saturday, July 9

Men's Magazine to watch out this July

Well its almost mid of July and I'm almost set with getting the latest issue of each men's magazine that I'm collecting since college. Anyway, July would be a crazy month as most fans scramble to get a ticket to attend the FHM's 100 Sexiest on the 14th and Playboy's Academy on the 28th. 

Well, here the men's magazine you should get (some were a month or two delayed though XD). 

1.  FHM: With her comeback after more than 5 years, this copy is for keeps. Plus this month is also the victory party for FHM's 100 sexiest, what more could you ask for? Tickets to the event perhaps? I need one too you know.  XD

Taken from their facebook fanpage

2. UNO: This anniversary issue is quite late but better than never. I couldn't recall if Iya has already posed for a men's magazine or not but still this is better than nothing. And besides, its a perfect fit for an 8th anniversary issue right. I just hope they would revive their version of the real hot party by UNO.

Taken from their facebook fanpage

3. Rogue: Another classic for me as Lovi Poe would grace a men's magazine for the first time (I think). And until now, I couldn't find a copy yet (most bookstores still have the PNoy Issue). Its hard for me to tell how would this magazine fare against the competition so just stay tuned then.

Taken from their facebook fanpage

4. Playboy: This issue was released probably a few days before July. Also They had an autograph signing a few days back (which I missed) together with their Playmate of the month. This copy shows Aubrey Miles in her full glory.

Taken from their facebook fanpage

Buy one, buy all. Your call XD.

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