Sunday, July 3

Azkals FTW!!!

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I wasn't able to watch their game live today at the Rizal Memorial Stadium because I don't know that time they were selling tickets prior to their game against Sri Lanka back then XD. Anyways, I know that the Azkals needed atleast a 0-0 draw to advance into the second round. a 1-1 draw would result in another extra minutes to decide who is the winner and a 2-2 draw would mean that their opponent (Sri Lanka) would advance in the second round. 

It was around 6:00pm when I heard the news that the Philippine Azkals massacred the Sri Lanka Brave Reds with a Score of 4-0. Thousands of people who braved heavy rains didn't lift their feet to go to a covered area just to be sure they would be able to watch the game at its best view. I'm no fan of football but I'm proud that our country would advance to the next round.

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