Tuesday, June 14

The week that was (June 5 - 11)

Sunday: I got up early despite lack of sleep and being a bit tipsy because of the previous night. I took Migmig out for her sunshine. We got plenty of sun before I took her back to her mom. I was able to do some grocery and bought Sunday's paper before going back home but my wife asked me to buy her medicine. Unfortunately, its not available at the nearest drugstore. After taking a bath, I dozed-off from 12:00pm-2:00pm before my wife and kid went up to join me there. I stayed there for a while before going down at 3:00pm. I went online outside as my wife was using our laptop. At 6:30pm, I went to Maceda in Sampaloc to buy my wife's vitamins and got back home 45 minutes later. We just spend the rest of the night before going to sleep.

Monday: I got up early to take my daughter out for her vitamin D. Then I got to edit some pictures to upload it to DPP's forum before watching Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Then by lunch time, I went out to get some food for us at home by using the vouchers I got online. I passed by Xocolat at Greenhills to help myself and see how their food would fare for my taste (I'll create a separate post for this). It took me an hour to consume the food I ordered before going to Wilson Street in Greenhills. The weather was very hot and humid as I transverse the new place I want to get myself familiarize with. It took me a while before getting to Wingstop to claim my 10-pcs. chicken wings. Then I went to Yoh-Froz to claim my other meal (yoghurt in 3 ways). The place was really cool and cozy. As much as I wanted to stay there, I had to go back home as I spent the entire afternoon outside home (bad daddy XD). When I got home, I gave some food that I bought to my wife and she loved it. Then I went online outside again as I had to do some quick updates before spending my rest of the day home with my wife and baby.

Tuesday: I got up early again to take Migmig out. Aside from the usual sun bathing, we went to St Anthony Church as well for a change before going back up to her mom. Then, I got to edit some more photos I took from Last Saturday's event before uploading it to facebook. At almost 12:00pm, I left for work and got in the office early. I felt hungry at one point so I tried to have Lucky Me Lomi and it taste good. So good, I have to buy 2 more and pair it with 1/4 kilo of lechon baboy (that equates to high cholesterol XD). I felt full and dizzy at the same time that I thought I won't be able to go home. I got home anyway and I was able to spend more time with my wife and daughter before going to sleep.

Wednesday: I got up early but the weather wasn't that good which means we weren't able to have our daily dose of sun for me and my daughter. We just spend the early morning in our room before we (me and Migmig) went down to watch Game 4 of the NBA Finals. She was quite active for the most part of the morning with me as she was well-fed by her mom before she cried again and looked for mommy XD. I left home at almost 12:30pm as I watched Burlesque (Starring Cher and Christina Aguilera) on DVD as I wasn't able to watch the entire Game 4. Weather wasn't that good hence, I got late by almost 15 minutes. I was still able to do some work and had my lunch (dinner) early with a bowl of oatmeal. But my body was craving for lechon again after a few minutes so by 7:00pm, I went down to get some plus 3 orders of rice. I got to satisfy my lechon craving for the second day but I had to stop somehow or else, my wallet (and health) will suffer.I was able to complete my shift and went home as rain still keep on pouring. To my surprise, I got home in less than an hour and I was able to spend more time with my two girls before going to sleep.

Thursday: Me and my wife got got awake at 4:45am as our baby girl was already wide awake and was at her playful self. We had to keep an eye on her while my wife was making her Migmig's milk. Both of us got up at around 8:00am as the sun wasn't showing. I went online for almost an hour before going to SM Centerpoint to buy some basic necessities for my wife and kid before going to work. Lucky for me, I got to the office early and got to do some personal stuff before moving to my workstation to do some more personal, I mean serious work. I has pancit canton with tuna for lunch and I was able to break my craving for lechon. But I felt my energy was sapped with all the things I did since early morning so I bought a slice of cheesecake from Banapple and ate it after. My shift was quite ok though I got a call and processed some emails as well.I got home in less than an hour again and played with Migmig before going to bed. As parents, its really tough to keep up with our daughter's high-level of energy and we need some more time to adapt with it XD.

Friday: Both my wife and I got awake at 4:00am as our daughter was up and playing all by her lonesome. We had to accompany her until she falls asleep again. I got up at 6:30am to take Migmig out but the sun wasn't out so we just went to St Anthony Shrine to pray before going back. Still feeling tired and sleepy, the three of us dozed-off until 10:00am. I got to watch Game 5 of the NBA Finals but started watching the second half as I also prepared for work. After the game, I left for Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there and buy some extra bonnet and rubber ducky for my baby before finally reporting for work. I got there early and relaxed for a few minutes before I started to work. Dinner got the best of me again as I bought 2 full soups at The Soup Kitchen (50% discount) plus 1/4 kilo of lechon from Elar-Z again. It was a heavenly dinner but somehow, I need to control myself. Work was just fine as I was able to complete my shift and left at 11:30pm. I took a cab so I could get home early. My wife was awake when I got home while Migmig was about to get up and start to look for her milk. I think I slept at past 1:00am as I had my quality time with my daughter.

Saturday: I got up a bit early again at 6:30 but the sun wasn't showing at all. We went back and stayed in the room for a few minutes before we went out again to take her vitamin D. I got to do some errands before setting my things for Saturday's shift. I went to Hidalgo in Quiapo to register for the HidalGomez Photo Contest sponsored by Canon. It took me a while to have myself registered as I got there a bit early. I took the laptop with me for work so I could edit some pictures in the office without being disturbed. I got in the office just in time and set-up my laptop so I could edit my baby's picture first. I got to edit day 4 until day 16 of Marien's life. I had Bonchon Chicken Chops for dinner and a slice of cake for me as dessert. I also bought 3 cookies for my wife as my pasalubong to her. After dinner, I resumed editing pictures. But this time, I edited two sets from my 2010 shoots (DPP Unleashed and Dutdutan X). That would be 30 additional pictures to upload to facebook and to my blog (within the next few days XD). I left the office at past 11:00pm feeling like a turtle with my heavy bag full of stuff and hailed a cab. I got home again before midnight as I am looking forward to spend my rest days home ^_^.

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