Wednesday, June 22

Swabeng Food Trip: An unexpected lunch at Sunrise Buckets

Last Monday was a rainy day for us as after our baby's check-up, we had to look for a place to eat. Our first option then was at Chuck's Deli but my wife objected as heavy rain kept on pouring. 

We took a cab on our way home and decided to use my Metro Deal Voucher at Sunrise Bucket to have lunch there. For only 175 pesos (valued at 395 pesos), we got a pound of buffalo wings and 2 iced teas, and we paid extra for extra orders.

When we got inside, we were welcomed to a lazy and laid-back atmosphere. The place was a surfer's haven/beach bum paradise where you would notice some surfboards on display. The music was soothing though it was a bit on the colder side. We made ourselves comfortable and took a seat on the long couch (whenever we go out and eat, we look for a long couch so Migmig could rest there). After placing our order on the counter, I took some pictures despite the place being dimly-lit.

The first we tried from their menu was Nachos Overload (165 pesos). Its basically baked nachos with a generous servings of ground pork, sweet chili salsa, and melted cheese. Being a lover of nachos, its a must on my list. But its best consumed while warm, otherwise, it gets soggy when already cold.

Then came our buffalo wings. First was a pound of Sunrise Original Wings (295 pesos for 1 pound). The wings were really flavorful and has this American taste one would really love. It is also juicy with a hint of zest and spiciness as best dipped in bleu cheese.

Sunrise Original Wings and Garlic Parmesan Wings

Then came my Garlic Parmesan Wings (220 pesos for half pound). The wings were coated with their special garlic-butter sauce then smothered with herbs and grated parmesan cheese. Compared with the first garlic parmesan wings I've tried on a different resto, it tasted just the same, or probably its my palate that is having problems again. 

My wife consumed more wings that I've expected as she gets hooked to it lately. We enjoyed eating so much we forgot to use the plastic gloves XD.

I got to take some more pictures before going back home after staying there for probably 2 hours. We would definitely go back to Sunrise Buckets to try other flavors of their wings as well as their other list from the menu that they offer.

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