Friday, June 3

Epic Fail: “Philippines Belongs to the Devil” Page on Facebook

This morning, while I opened my facebook, I noticed a post from fellow blogger Lizzy and I can't help it but open the link from facebook saying "Philippines belongs to the Devil".  

Epic Fail!!!

The page is owned by Bill Waggoner, a sick demented individual who picked on our race. You don't need to like the page to see its entire content. You check on its wall to see how he belittle us Filipinos. He feels like that we are inferior to him and he is superior to us.

Currently it has 5,465 likes and I don't think those consists of his followers but people who condemn his doing. Probably most Pinoys liked the page for them to hit back at Waggoner. I think he simply wanted attention from us since were the number one in terms of facebook usage and he would take the opportunity to hit on us.

For me, I shared it with my other facebook friends and I'd let them do the work. Besides there's a lot of more important things to do than giving attention to this fellow like leveling-up my Mafia on Mafia Wars. XD


  1. Thanks for spreading the word. :)

    Sick guy, isn't he? LOL. Yeah, KSP.

    Liz of Spread the WORD!

  2. Your Welcome Liz.

    I tried to post a comment on your blog but it seems it doesn't allow me to post. Bad ata ako lolz XD.


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