Tuesday, June 28

Chuck's Deli Revisited

Chuck's Deli

Yesterday, we went back to Eastwood Mall in Eastwood City to have a different view as well as use my 2 remaining coupons I got from Pakyaw a few months back. I tagged my wife and baby girl with me since she said that its up to me where to eat. I have been planning on visiting Chuck's Deli again after my first visit there a few weeks back.

Some condiments and a hand sanitizer XD

When we got there, we have the place to ourselves. Its atmosphere was really warm and cozy. Probably because there were no people at that time when we got there. We sat along a long couch so we could put Migmig to sleep there while me and my wife enjoy our late lunch. I had what to order in mind even days before we went there so choosing  what to eat didn't took us a long time after handing them two vouchers I used my 2 remaining vouchers from Pakyaw that helped us save at least 50% off. For 300 pesos worth of voucher, we got to enjoy at least 600 pesos worth of food from them. We just added some cash for extras.

Before she took a nap XD

One Hungry Mommy XD

While waiting for our food, They served us Cherry Coke (upgraded from my slabwich meal) and Strawberry Milkshake (165 Pesos). The first time I had chocolate milkshake a few weeks back, it felt like heaven on earth as every sip is really flavorful. When I had my wife try her milkshake, she liked it very much.

Cherry Coke and Chocolate Milkshake

First off, we had Broccoli and Cheese for the soup (145pesos). For a change, we tried a different soup instead of looking for the usual Clam Chowder or Pumpkin Soup that we usually have whenever we eat. We liked the texture of the soup as I tasted bits of broccoli on it with a hint of cheese. For me I would recommend this to those who doesn't like vegetables as you won't notice any taste of veggies on it XD.

Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Next served was their Wiki Salad (185 pesos). Trying a Japanese-themed salad was something new to us as I wanted to see my wife's reaction after she tried it. And she loved how the greens, kani, mango, egg, and wasabi mayo mixed all together. It was a delight to see her like it (it really taste good after trying a few bites).

Wiki Salad

Before digging-in

Then for our 2 main orders, we got a slab of The Buffy Slabwich (445 pesos) and Philly Cheese Steak Subwich (295 pesos). The Philly Cheese Steak was a foot-long sub with heaps of beef, American cheese bell peppers, onions and mushrooms. Good for two, my wife and I shared it as the beef was really tasty especially with a good combination of mushrooms, onions and melted cheese. Paired with potato chips, this was more than enough to feed one hungry couple.

 Double-fried french fries and potato chips

Philly Cheese Steak Subwich

My Half. XD

Our other order The Buffy, was a really heavy looking slabwich as it has more than a pound of boneless buffalo chicken coupled with garlic sauce and coleslaw sandwiched between two huge ciabatta bread that is crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside. At ten inches long, I never imagined a slabwich this big that I would even have a hard time finishing all of it all by myself or even with my wife. The slab was quite spicy (which was ok for me) but still very satisfying especially if you add their special Chuck's sauce (which is quite spicy as well). One bite of it will make you scream for water I swear.

The Buffy

Her Half XD

Our lunch was so heavy, we had to take-out half of each with us back home. I would definitely recommend Chuck's Deli to all sandwich lovers and those who wanted to get heavy after eating their slabwiches.

Leftovers to take home.

Empty board. XD

We will go there pretty soon to try their flatwich, burgers and others that we weren't able to try the first time.


  1. looks quite a serving for the sandwiches!!! :D

  2. i should also visit this place with my baby and wifey:) mukhang masarap yung salad nila:)

  3. The cheese steak looks really good.

  4. wow ... all of it for 600.00? looks good and really fits a voracious eater like me... thanks for sharing this ....

  5. Wow, the food there really looks good.

  6. At Php 600+, using Php 40 as exchange rate, that will only be 15 dollars! and that was a full meal! Oh my! It's really more fun in the Philippines!

  7. waaa would love to try that steak subwich hahaha. yummy.. mouth drooling hahaha.. thanks for sharing this..

  8. Great photos! I love deli foods! Yuumm...

  9. That's one huge sandwich, although I gotta admit that I would liked to have seen more cheese on the cheese steak just like they'd do in Philly. :)

  10. now I'm hungry! haha. The soup is perfect for this rainy season! :)

  11. 600?! For all of these? Wow, I guess I should sign up for Pakyaw then!

  12. How nice to see couple dating with their baby or children... stay like that, be with your family in any way. Choose to have lifestyle like having a rest day with your love one..

    Always stay together and pray...

  13. getting hungry looking at the subwich.. and I can eat it all hehehee..

  14. Wa....so yummy, it makes me hungry....

  15. I still haven't eaten at Chuck's Deli despite all the positive reviews I've read about them. Will definitely try eating here soon! :D


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