Monday, May 2

The week that was (April 24 - 30)

Sunday: I got up early so I could pack some of my old magazines and head home to San Pedro. I left at about 7:00am and got there an hour and a few minutes later. My home there didn't change a bit since the last time I visited. I stayed for a few hours as I placed some of my magazines on the upper cabinet while I packed all of my t-shirts for me to take. I had my lunch of lechon kawali before heading back home. It took me at least two hours before going back home. Once I got home, I checked on our baby if she's ok. She's sleeping that time so I went downstairs to go online. I was able to watch some TV before going to sleep early. 

Monday: I got up early to go online and wash some of my dirty laundry. I got to watch NBA on TV that ate up most of my time in the morning. After lunch, I went to Binondo to do some banking and tried one of the restaurants there (I forgot the name but it doesn't matter anyway). Then I went to Isetann in Recto to look for a baby basket but I haven't found a good one there. Frustrated, I went back home and rested for a while before going to SM Centerpoint I strolled around the mall to familiarize myself more before going to the infant section of the Department Store. It took me a while to find the baby basket that I need. I checked it thoroughly before buying it. I checked on other baby items that I might buy soon as my daughter grows day by day. I got home again and showed it to my folks there.I think they liked it and I know this will be put into use for the next few months. I watched TV until I got sleepy.

Tuesday: I got up early again and checked on my wife and my baby as both of them are still sleeping. I prepared my things since I'll be reporting back to work after a week of absence due to paternal duties to my wife and to my daughter. I left home at around 10:45am after watching the NBA games on Jack TV. I got to the office at past 12:00pm and I was able to secure a workstation to work on for the time being. I was able to do some work even before the US team gets the phone from us. Since I haven't ate at Jollijeep for quite a while, I had my tapsilog + sisig fix there making me really full XD. I was able to go home early to be with my wife and with my daughter. It is true that even if you're tired and dead-beat from work, seeing your child makes it all go away as I got to bond with her before finally hitting the bed at past midnight.

Wednesday: I was up again early for Migmig's daily dose of sunshine before having my dose of the NBA play-offs on TV. I left home at around 11:30am since no one was taking care of Migmig at that time but my wife told me to go so that I won't be late. I got late for work for only 10 minutes as I got sidetracked a little bit. Anyway, I started checking some emails as I buckle down for work. At 7:00pm, I had my dinner at Jollijeep to save money. Eating there costs half as much as I spend when eating somewhere else. I got home at past 11:00pm since traffic at EDSA was heavy due to road maintenance and slept at past midnight again after playing with my daughter.

Thursday: I got up early at around 6:30am to have my baby get her daily does of sunshine. Despite lack of sleep for the past couple of days, I was able to enjoy my quiet and alone time with her because most of the time, she is with my wife (Migmig's mom). I left early for office so that I wont be late after what happened the previous day. While doing my daily routine, my wife asked me to look for an aircon online so that our room won't be that warm. I was able to find some units online that my wife would like when I purchase this sometime soon. Again, I got my Jollijeep fix for dinner together with a colleague. I was able to leave the office earlier than expected and took the PVP bus since traveling would be much faster on their route. While walking along Nagtahan, I felt hot and got a craving for Wendy's Frosty and I stopped by on its Nagtahan branch and got myself their new vanilla frosty. I wasn't able to eat it right away as our baby was crying that time (wifey had to pacify her by breastfeeding). When she was already quiet, I got to enjoy my frosty while watching late night TV.

Friday: I forced myself to get up at around 6:30am for my baby's morning sun. To me, even if I'd do that everyday for the next couple of months, its ok since I have to adjust to my additional role as a dad. As I was looking to my daughter, my tired body just healed. I left home early so that I wont be late in the office. I took the LRT2-1 route and it was quite a fast one. Then at Buendia, I bought a vanilla frosty from Wendy's to satisfy my craving for something cold. Then as I board on the bus, I noticed two guys who act strange. It was like they're looking for something and they can't seem to stay put. It turns out that they are snatchers looking for prey but unfortunately, they didn't pull-off a stunt there. When I got to the office, one of my colleagues told me that we already have our salary. I got curious with one of the on-going promos called groupons (I'll probably write about this soon). I tried one of their products at 150pesos only with more than 60% discount. I went out to do some bank transactions. To my surprise, I think my salary hasn't been deducted that much and I am thankful for that XD. I went to the bank to give my payment to an online coupon that I tried earlier but I didn't have enough loose coins so I went to Watsons to buy some stuff there. After paying over the counter, I received an email confirmation saying that they have received my payment and I have my coupon. For dinner, I bought 2 soups from The Soup Kitchen since they are already on 50% off for their soups (great steal XD) to complement my sisig dinner. After my shift, I went home right away but heavy traffic was really a challenge going home. I got home at past 11:30pm and probably slept at past midnight.

Saturday: I got up at past 6:30am but I felt the need to sleep. I took out Migmig for a sunshine but the sun was hiding under the clouds so we just stayed out for a few minutes before we went back in. Then I prepared early not for work but to check on Mercato Centrale again. I stayed there for at least two and a half hours before going back to the office via cab. I still feel very sleepy but I have to muster enough energy for the day's shift. Good thing I just did monitoring tasks as there were no calls during my shift. I left the office at past 10:30pm as I was guiding my colleague on how to send the report for the month-end at 1:00am the next day. I took a cab since my bag was heavy with all the food that I bought for my folks back home. Good thing the taxi driver wasn't boring as he shares his stories to keep me awake I got home at 11:00pm and my wife was still up and awake. Both of us slept at past midnight again to make sure our daughter was sleeping first.

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