Monday, April 25

Welcome MIG (Spending Holy Week at the Medical City)

Its been almost a week since my daughter came to this world and made our lives more meaningful. Just in time for Easter Sunday, her arrival indicates that we will be having a much challenging but a better life ahead.

Last Tuesday, my wife and I left home at 8:30am to go to the hospital for her anticipated labor. Even with only 5-6 hours of sleep, my wife and I were really excited and nervous at the same time because this would be our first time to be parents. We got there at almost 10:00am and we went straight to the delivery suite where my wife walked a few more to the pre-labor room. I waited outside when one of the staff called me to have me go to the admissions office to secure a room for my wife after giving birth.

I went down to the admissions office to secure a room. As of that moment, there were no available private rooms facing Corinthian Gardens. I was left with an option of having a suite (costs 6,000 pesos) or an OB-Ward (costs 1,500 pesos). I chose the OB-Ward on the condition of upgrading to a private room facing Corinthian Gardens. 

I went back to my wife to have lunch. She was advised to take a light lunch since she will undergo labor within the next few hours. After lunch, we went back to the delivery suites and I waited outside for any update. After a while, my name was called to get my wife's clothes as she was already in her hospital clothes. I bid her goodbye for the next few hours as I kissed her tummy awaiting for our little girl to come out in this world. 

I went down to Starbucks to have a frap to keep me awake and not to get nervous. Then, I went back up to check on my wife's status. So far, so good as one of the staff there told be she was at 4cm already (she needs 10cm to do a normal delivery). I watched TV from their lounge to keep me pre-occupied. I kept on checking my wife's status if she's ok or not. They told me not to worry and they'll take care of the rest.

Then, her best friend  together with my wife's sister paid a visit (I asked my sister in law to bring a pillow with her so I could use it for sleeping). They kept me company for a few hours and told them the status of my wife's labor. They left at 10:30pm. and I had the room again for my lonesome. It has a view of Ortigas and much better than staying in the OB-Ward (plus its only 2450 pesos a night). I asked one of the staff again for the status and they said that my wife is at 5cm.

I tried to keep myself awake as long as I can until I fell asleep for an hour (11:30pm-12:30am). When I got back to my senses, I went to Mc Donald's on the other building to get a quarter-pounder meal for myself. to keep me up. I got to eat my meal in our room while waiting for the result of my wife's labor. Again, I asked for an update and the staff told me, my wife is at 8cm already. 2cm more for a successful normal delivery.

I do check on my wife's status from every hour to every 30 minutes as it has been more than 15 hours since I last saw my wife going to the delivery room. At one point she was at 8cm since midnight but still unable to reach the 10cm required for a normal delivery. By 6:30am, the doctor (my wife's OB) informed me that they will be performing cesarean to my wife as she couldn't bear the pain anymore given that she's in the delivery room for almost 18 hours. Without hesitation, I agreed even if it means that this would be an additional 50K from my wallet(well, I've been prepared for things like these).

By 7:24am of April 20, 2011 (10 days after my wife's birthday), she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The first time I saw her, the weariness in me just went away as I felt energized with her presence alone. She's really beautiful and for me, she's a Gift from God.

Welcome Marien Ivynessa Giorielle Ramos-Morfe. I hope she won't get mad at us when she finds out how long her name is XD.

Ain't She Beautiful? XD


  1. Your baby is indeed beautiful and she is wonderfully and fearfully made. Welcome to the world baby Marien Ivynessa Giorielle.

    Have a blessed holy week.

  2. She's the daughter of God. Do all your best to rear her up according to the admonition and nurture of the Lord. Blessed lenten season!

  3. Replies
    1. Be reminded too that your newborn child is a symbol of how Christ gave you a new life as well. Refer to Romans 6.

  4. WECOME to the world baby MIG.
    Congratulations to you and your wife.
    Being a parent will teach you countless lessons in LIFE.

  5. congratulations to you! It's a blessing from God.

  6. Cutie baby girl. Congratulations and more blessings!


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