Saturday, April 23

The week that was (April 10 - 16)

Sunday: I got up early at around 7:15am even if I slept late the previous night. I stretched some of my muscles before going to Shopwise at Harrison Plaza to buy the things I need for my wife's spaghetti.While going there, I felt so dizzy that I feel like there's someone drilling my head. I still proceed with my shopping though it took me a while to choose which ingredients to get. Then I went back home to get some rest. I got surprised that my mother-in-law was cooking pancit already which made me think to cook the spaghetti on a different date. My wife still wanted me to cook spaghetti anyway so that's a go for me. After attending the 12:00pm mass, we went back home and started preparing my spaghetti (I'll be creating a separate blog for my Spaghetti XD). After cooking, I got to taste it and I liked it so as the rest of the people at home. I rested for a while before buying ice cream for my wife. I went online as my wife was enjoying her videoke sessions with her sisters and friends. She asked me to sing but I refused since I wanted some peace and quiet upstairs and I was the one taking their pictures. I have probably slept at past 10:00pm.

Monday: I got up early as I tried to upload some of the pictures that I got from MIAS 2011 last Saturday. I didn't have the liberty of editing it since I assumed that my wife will be using the laptop in the morning but apparently, she went back to sleep after leaving the laptop in our bedroom. I got to watch TV as well as read Sunday's newspaper. Then we went to The Medical City again to have my wife's check-up with her doctor. We waited for several hours before it was my wife's turn. Good thing I bought Monday's paper to keep me pre-occupied while we're waiting. After her check-up, we went to SM Megamall to have our dinner at Peri-Peri Chicken before going home at past 9:00pm. We were so tired that day but I managed to go online until 11:30pm before finally calling it a day. 

Tuesday: Even if I'm still tired and sleepy, I managed to get up at 7:00am and went online for a few minutes. Then I prepared myself for work as I left home at 11:30am. Unfortunately, I arrived in the office 15 minutes late. But to my surprise, my workstation was vacant when it was supposed to be occupied by my colleague in the morning. I set it up and started working as well. At around 7:00pm, I was craving for chicken wings from Buffalo Wings and Things so I went to their Solaris branch to get a half-pound of Garlic Parmesan for myself before chowing it down at the office's pantry. I left the office at past 10:00pm and got home an hour later feeling so tired and restless. 

Wednesday: I got up at around 8:00am as my wife got up ahead of me. She wanted to take a walk along the neighborhood which I obliged. As we passed by Llanas Supermarket, she suggested that we should buy a portable vinyl cabinet for our clothes. We saw the size that I liked and I went back home to get some money before buying it. My wife wanted to buy additional comforters for our baby but the one she liked was already out of stock. Instead, we went to the supermarket to buy some groceries and another 1.5L of Selecta Ice Cream. Then we went back home as I prepare for work but my wife asked me to pay our Sun Broadband which I obliged. I went to SM Manila to pay for our bill and probably have lunch there too. I tried this new pizza joint called Nanos. Its like a copy-cat version of Sbarro's but their food wasn't even at par with Sbarro's as I wasted almost 300 pesos for food that was just heated by a microwave. Then I noticed the time and it was already 1:00pm and I am still in Manila. I quickly tried to take a shortcut by riding a Jeep to Buendia passing through Mabini but it gave me the same result. I arrived at the office late by an hour and fifteen minutes. To my surprise, my workstation was still available as my colleague from the morning shift wasn't able to report due to illness. I started setting-up my PC for work (and for play XD). At 7:00pm, I went outside to have dinner. I ordered tapsilog from jollijeep and I added an half-order of sisig and another extra rice that only costs me 70 pesos. Not bad for a dinner for two (one for me XD). I left the office at around 10:30pm and got home an hour later which my wife was still awake reading her book on pregnancy. I think I slept at almost midnight.

Thursday: I got up as early as 7:00am and went online until past 8:30am. After that, I woke my wife up and asked her to assist me in setting-up our vinyl cabinet that we bought the other day. It took me a while to get myself familiarized with its parts and assemble them. I had to re-do it since the vinyl doesn't seem to fit right the first time. It took me 2 hours to have it set-up and I didn't noticed it was almost 11:00am. I felt tired that time that I moved really slow in getting myself ready for work. For the third straight day this week, I got late for work. Whats more is that I've been late for more than an hour for 2 days which is bad for my record not to mention that my take home pay will be lessen by the number of minutes/hours that I got late. I checked on my emails (work) when I got to read an email from our IT Manager regarding our tardiness as a team.We were reminded that we had to minimize our tardiness otherwise we would get sanctioned and possible terminated if we don't improve. We just enjoyed the rest of the shift as I took note of it. At 6:45pm, I had my lunch of Tapsilog + Sisig at Jollijeep again and it felt really good. Then I went to Landmark to buy some toiletries for myself before going back to the office. After our shift, I stayed there for a few more minutes before finally going home via PVP bus. I got home in less than an hour and I was able to go online for a few more minutes before going upstairs to sleep. My wife wanted a foot massage from me so I gave in only for a few minutes.

Friday: I got up at almost 7:00am even if I slept at almost 1:00am.I went online for a while before waking my wife up at almost 8:30am. Then we had our usual walk but this time along CM Recto since my wife needs something from them. Luckily we were able to find what she need. Then we hurriedly went back home since I had to prepare for work early. I left home at past 11:00am and got there at around 12:15pm which gives me more time to set-up my PC. I got to buy my lunch early since I'll be the only one in the team from 4:00pm-10:00pm. But before buying my lunch, I got a call regarding one of the sites in the US being down, it went back up right away that's why I didn't have to declare an outage that time. I went again to Banaple to get my favorite baked creamy cheesy pene and a big chicken pie. I meet-up with my good friend to give him my April copy of FHM since I won't be able to attend the autograph signing that night. When I got back to the office, I tried the chicken pie that I bought and it was really heavy on my tummy. I was reminded by our US manager regarding the call that I got which I should have declared an outage. Also our IT Manager here reminded me of looking into another way of sending one of our weekly files as he cannot view them using Blackberry. I left the office at almost 10:30 and got home an hour later even if traffic was horrible at this time of the night.

Saturday: I got up at 7:30am even if my eyes and my senses were already wide awake at 7:00am. I went online for a few minutes before going back up to wake up my wife. I was thinking if I would attend to both Summer Komikon and Aliwan Fiesta that day or not. I'm having thoughts whether I would absent myself from work or not. Because of bad back, I skipped both events and reported early to the office. Again, my colleagues were surprised with my early arrival to the office. Then, I went to SM Makati to look for some new underwear for me to wear but unfortunately, I haven't found anything I like that was on sale. Then I went back to the office to set-up my tools for work. It was quite slow as it was still wee hours at the US. I went downstairs again to go to Bonchon to take-out some lunch there. This time, I ordered shrimp meal and again, a two-piece drumstick meal. Then after my early lunch, I went out again to take-out some desserts at Banapple again like the previous day. I got two pies instead of ordering only one a few visits back. I enjoyed it while I started to buckle-up on my work though its a Saturday in the office. Our OIC left the office at around 6:00pm to attend some of his personal matters. I was all alone as I got two calls but it didn't matter much since I got to resolve both of them. Then my colleague arrived just in time for his 10:00pm shift. I left the office at 10:15pm and head for home. I got home an hour later and I got to relax before going to bed finally to enjoy my rest days.

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