Tuesday, April 26

Most Filipino Employees are Dissatisfied with their Jobs

Honestly, I would agree that most Filipino Employees are not happy with the jobs they have right now.  Below is the entire story that I got from Yahoo

Study shows PH employees 'mostly dissatisfied'

MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA – A recent survey by global outsourcing firm Accenture reveals that most employees in the Philippines are not satisfied with their current jobs.

The Accenture report, entitled “Reinvent Opportunity: Looking Through A New Lens”, also shows that Filipino workers are looking for better compensation, benefits and work-life balance.

The study was done in November 2010 and based from an online survey of 3,400 business executives from medium to large scale companies in 29 countries, including the Philippines.

Each country had at least 100 respondents, except in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland where the combined total is 100.

Among the respondents in the Philippines, there were more male employees (72 percent) than females who indicated they are dissastisfied with their current jobs.

Nevertheless, about 65 percent of Filipino respondents still want to increase their knowledge and develop their skill sets. Another 50 percent of the respondents say that career planning is one of their major priorities this year. In fact, about 60 percent of respondents are still not satisfied with their career skill levels.

Accenture Philippines Country Managing Director Manolito Tayag said employers in the country are encouraged to focus on addressing these issues for employee retention and to help them grow in both professional and personal levels.

Some of the reasons for the dissatisfaction include being underpaid, lack of growth opportunities, no career advancements and feeling “trapped”.

However, about 70 percent of those surveyed said they intend to stay in their respective jobs. About 60 percent of the respondents said they will be working on developing their skills to achieve their career goals.

Reasons cited by employees why they want to pursue career advancements iinclude better compensation, new and challenging assignments, flexible work arrangements and targeting higher positions in their companies.

If you ask me, I'm still one of the few who were satisfied with my work right now. Until when, only time will tell XD.

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