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The Kasalang Batagueño-Ilocana Suppliers Rating (Our Wedding Ensemble)

This would be our contribution to the group. As much as possible, we won’t be using the word OC (since it has been overused here already) and we would detail our rating so it could serve you as a guide. Our verdict is based on how we coordinated with them (from start to finish) and it shouldn’t be a sole basis whether you book this certain supplier or not (different strokes for different folks). Here is how we would be rating our wedding team. Sorry for the very long delay XD

All pictures here were taken by Ariel Javelosa

5 and Up: Oh Yeah! Swabeng-Swabeh!!! (Book them while still available)
4 - 4.99: Swabeng-Swabeh!!! (Very Good)
3 – 3.99: Swabeh!!! (Quite Ok)
2 – 2.99: Swabeh Lang!!! (Needs Improvement)
0 – 1.99: Hindi Swabeh!!! (Now you know)

Address: No 56 C Anonas Cor Lanzones St., Brgy. Quirino 2B Project 2, Quezon City
Contact: Ms Thess/Mr Ricky Tuason
Tel No: 927-2439, 09205953257, 436-6317 (fax)
Email: sjtstrings@yahoo.com
Cost: Php 11,500 (2009 Rate)
Inclusions: Quartet (3 Instrumentalists plus Singer)
Verdict: Swabeh!!!

From Ariel Javelosa

Wedding Kwento: Jo-Anne gave us a short list of Wedding Performers and SJT was in her list. When we checked their rates, they cost Php 14,000 (Trio with No Singer for reception only). Since I visit online then, I checked their website and compare their rates. Their rates was much affordable (At Php 11,500 for a Quarter (Trio plus Singer for Both Church and Reception)) than that of Jo-Anne (Getting them in Bridal Fair works best). Since we were pressed for time, SJT was our top pick. I checked w@w to check who would be their best singer and someone named Ice was on top of the list.

We booked them at a bridal fair at SM Megamall but unfortunately, they just finished performing when we arrived. We were able to hear them play live at NBC Tent during another bridal fair. Good thing Ice performed that time as well as another singer named Grace (my wife remembered that Grace performed during my college buddy’s wedding). Both of them singed well that made us (or me) decide to get Ice as our official singer. When my wife asked Ice’s availability on our day, Ms Tess told her that we would know two weeks before the event (She mentioned Ice works as a Nurse and sings on the side). My wife even suggested that Grace would sing instead because she was sexier than Ice (“tama bang gawing criteria yung kaseksihan ng singer?” XD). 

She also complained that Tess hardly replies through email and SMS and even through phone. When we saw Tess performed at Gazebo Royale (at Eloquente’s Grand Food Tasting), we had a chance to talk to her personally but she disappeared all of a sudden.

During our final meeting with Jo-Anne, she told us that we would have a different female singer instead of the one we chose (and Norly’s recommendation) since she talked to Mr Ricky Tuazon instead of Ms Thess.

By Ariel Javelosa

Come wedding day, we didn’t much notice them playing though they performed well. I noticed during the wedding ceremony, there were 2 singers performing but during the reception, there was only one singer. During the meal proper, they were able to play well despite that we didn’t notice them much (probably due to the fact that we were too busy entertaining our guests).

Realization: We could have been satisfied with sound system alone plus we can provide cds that they could play. But after attending my friend’s wedding, we decided to have live entertainment. 

Recommended for: Couples who wanted to make sure all guests are entertained with good music. 

Other Suppliers Considered (Given the same amount of time for preparations): Da Capo, Stradavarius, String Minstrels, Velvet Mood

If we started our preparations last Dec 2007, we could have gotten: Manila Philharmonic Orchestra.

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