Sunday, April 10


At last, I was able to have the laptop all to myself XD.

Earlier this afternoon, as a promise to my wife, I'll cook her pasta. She didn't trust my cooking skills as she sometimes mentions my cooking as "chamba" or plain luck. She even asked my mom back in San Pedro if I knew how to cook spaghetti and she mentioned no. 

To prove her (my wife) wrong, I got to but the basic ingredients I need for my spaghetti from Shopwise in Harrison Plaza but some of the ingredients there weren't available so I had to go with my second option which took me some time to get the ingredients I need plus I felt dizzy this morning. 

After resting from the 12:00pm mass, I wasted no time in preparing for the spaghetti sauce by chopping some onions and garlic. I haven't chopped onions in a long time so I had to shed some tears for 3 onions XD. Then the garlic made my hands sticky while chopping it. When my wife wanted me to cook spaghetti, I know its time XD

First, I cooked the noodles. It wasn't that hard as long as you read the instructions at the back of the pack. Now the hard part is cooking the sauce. I'm not familiar with cooking ground beef and how long does it take for it to cook. Good thing I noticed the ground beef turning brown as I try to taste it every minute to see if its properly cooked. Then I add three cans of Spaghetti Sauce but I only add a little amount of water that could have probably made my spaghetti a bit on the sour side. I tried to counter it with adding more sugar and somehow it improved.


Then, the taste test. My wife find it a bit sour for her taste which was caused by the spaghetti sauce I used. The rest liked it and have their second serving during the day.

Not bad for a first-timer like me to cook pasta huh?!? XD

They wanted me to cook the next time. We'll see. XD

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