Sunday, March 27

The week that was (March 20 - 26)

 No Moon XD

Sunday: I got up at around 2:30am even if I was in my senses as early as 12:00am. I had several weird dreams during my few hours of sleep for whatever reason I'm still trying to find out. Then at 3:00am, I went outside hoping I could get a shot of the moon which is closest to earth that night but unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture it. Instead, I got a shot of the Mc Donald's Logo when I was about to get back inside our home. I am online from 2:30am till 7:00am probably before doing my laundry. Then I went out to get Sunday's Paper as I went online again for an hour until I went upstairs to read them. I was having second thoughts of going to mass but eventually, my wife and I hear the 12:00pm mass. After mass, we had lunch before going to bed at 2:00pm. I got up at around 7:45pm as my wife was beside me doing her online stuff since she's having little back problems especially when sitting in an uncomfortable chair downstairs. I left home at almost 9:00pm for my first night in the office. Good thing I got in the office just in time for my shift and hoping my first day would be a quiet one XD.But my colleague endorsed me a call that was apparently an outage for one of the Greif's site in the US.I had to take care of it since its important for every site not to go down.

Monday: I got a call regarding a follow-up for an outage that one of the site has encountered. I was able to escalate it but it took me a while and I got to speak with the Director of the IT Infrastructure. He told me to do the following which I did until we got to chat on sametime. I was able to ask some questions to him as well as learn a thing or two with handling servers and routers. I was trying to prepare my oatmeal for lunch but when I noticed that the cover was almost falling off due to the boiling water, I turned off the microwave and removed my bowl right away. But the problem was when I was about to open the cover to let the hot air out, I couldn't open it. Within a few minutes, my lunch bowl deformed making me unable to open it further. Now there goes my 2nd microwavable bowl deformed again =(. I am beginning to think of getting a microwavable glass bowl the next time I pay a visit to the supermarket sometime soon. After my shift, I got hungry even if I was full that time so I had a quick breakfast at Jolijeep. Aside from the breakfast was warm and filling, it only costs me 37 pesos for fried egg, hotdog and fried rice which can satisfy my hungry tummy XD. I was surprised that I got home an hour later at 8:30am since I've left Makati at 7:30am because of having breakfast there. My wife was still asleep when I got home but my kid was kicking already from her mommy's tummy XD. I was able to go online for 2 hours as well as took my wife to the LRT Station for work. Then by 12:30pm, I dozed off for a couple of hours before getting up at almost 8:00pm. My wife was already home when she woke me up and told me there a an earthquake at 6:45pm with a magnitude of 6.6-6.8. I didn't felt it probably because I was sleeping soundly the entire time XD. I left home at almost 9:00pm and got in the office just in time for my shift. My 2 new colleagues were there too as I try to teach them as best as I can.

Tuesday: We got 4 calls during their lunch hour but since were 3 here in the group, we were able to hold our own here. I got to do a call-out to one of the clients in the US, I wasn't able to have it fixed so we have to reschedule it to a different date. Then one of the VIP's executive assistant emailed our Helpdesk inbox stating that their call got disconnected while they're trying to reach us. Our US Helpdesk Superisor asked one of my colleagues about it and he mentioned that all of us here were stuck in our calls when they're trying to call. They could have left a voice mail message in our inbox and one of us could have called them. The rest of our shift was totally stress-free. After our shift, I went to Harisson Plaza to meet my mom there. She told me to join her in her shopping at Shopwise and told me to get some things I basically need. After getting some stuff from the grocery, I went home right away to see if my wife was still sleeping or not. And she was still sleeping as I touched her tummy, our baby was playing already XD. I went downstairs to go online for a few more hours before taking my wife to her LRT ride. I was able to doze-off at 12:30pm and got up several hours later. Good thing I got in time for our shift.

Wednesday: To our surprise, we didn't have any calls during US team's lunch time. All of us here were enjoying their lunch hour as we monitor the team's email if there were any new mails that are coming from our users. We got to laugh a lot with our jokes and stories that we didn't notice how time flies so fast. By 5:00am, we were quite busy handling calls and emails much as we wanted them to call or email us during their lunch time instead. But it was fun since we were able to help out one another while laughing at each other. I went to Tropical Hut to have my heavy breakfast there. I got home at around 8:45am. I went upstairs to change before facing our laptop for 2-3 more hours to edit my entries as well as blog-hop. After taking my wife to her ride, I went upstairs at 11:30am to read Wednesday's paper before going to sleep. However, it took me a LONG time as I'm having toothache that really bothered me so much that I had to brush my teeth three more times and gargle with available mouthwash before I felt asleep at around 2:30pm. I forced myself to get up at 8:00pm and made sure to do my rituals at a faster rate than I usually do. I left home at past 9:00pm and got in the office late at almost 10:30pm. As I checked our team's inbox, we got lots of emails to work on. Fortunately, we were able to finish almost all of them by lunch time (EST).

Thursday: The phones were passed to us during their lunch hours that ended up having 5 calls for our team during the night.  While on my way home, for some reason, I was already at Subway trying their 69-peso 6-inch Ham sub which should have cost more than a hundred pesos. I got home almost two hours later even if I left the office at around 7:00am. My wife was still sleeping so I set-up our laptop for me to be able to go online while waiting for her to get ready for work. After taking her to work, I made sure to go to bed early so I could recharge and recover from loss of sleep the previous day.

Friday: It was a busy lunch night for us as we got several calls while the US team is having their lunch. I got to do some special tasks that my US manager assigned to me. It was an easy task that was able to finish in an hour or so.I was able to do some call-backs to some of our users in the US which gave us a big sigh of relief. After our shift, I took the cab on my way home so I could get some rest by 8:00am. My wife was awake already when I got home as I lay down on bed and try to go to sleep. I got to doze-off for an hour and a half before I noticed the time on my phone and my wife was still sleeping. I woke her up reminding her that she'll gonna be late for work. I tried to get some more sleep but I wasn't able to fall asleep as my wife asked me to take her to her LRT ride. After taking her to the LRT, I went to Chowking to have lunch since I'm feeling hungry that time. Then I went back home and went online instead to make me feel sleepy. Then someone popped me a message over facebook. It was a colleague of mine whom I haven't seen or talked to personally for 15 years. She mentioned that she saw me the other day while I'm on my way home from work. That's why I noticed someone familiar that day but I was too sleepy to notice her and say hi. The chat was short since I had to go back to sleep at around 2:30pm and I got up at 5:00pm. I went online again to check some things and kill time while I wait for my sister-in-law to get home so we could go to my wife's office that night. I decided to leave the apartment by 8:00pm and I was able to meet her halfway so I waited her before we took our ride at the LRT. Once we got to my wife's office, we had to wait for a few more minutes before we went to Eastwood since my wife will be having her baby shower dinner at Mr Kurosawa. When we got there, I felt like reminiscing since the last time I've been to Eastwood City was last August 2009 when there was a lousy car show over there.

Saturday: We left Eastwood at past midnight and got home at around 1:30am. I felt dizzy once we got home due to lack of good sleep and 4 cans of San Mig Light. I tried to doze-off as much as I can but I got up at 6:30am having a sort of hangover. With only less than 5 hours of sleep, I went online with a bad headache as I tried to fight it. Luckily, the pain was gone thanks to coffee and a pain killer (mefenamic acid). I was able to get myself updated online as I wait for my wife to get up. At around 11:30am, my wife asked me to assemble the Baby Stroller she got from her boss' wife (her boss too) as a gift. It didn't took me that long to understand how to assemble it but I was skeptical on forcing it as I might break some parts which I didn't. Then my wife and I went to Kowloon at West ave to meet some of her friends there since she told me she'll get a refund for their Chistmas Party last year (I know this would be another baby shower party for my wife again XD). Once we got there, she was greeted by her friends and we had our lunch there too. Lunch was quite ok but I didn't took pictures of it since it looked too common anyway. My wife had a good time with her friends and I took some snapshots of them. We left Kowloon West at 3:30pm and took a cab going back home. Then I went online again to update some blog entries in my draft before going to the grocery to do some shopping for my personal consumption at work. Finally, at 8:00pm, I hit the bed and waited for the Earth Hour before I could finally get some sleep XD.

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