Saturday, March 26

My wife's baby shower dinner at Mr Kurosawa in Eastwood City

Last night, my sister-in-law and I went to my wife's office not to pick her up but to join her together with her office mates in Eastwood City since her boss will be having a baby shower dinner at Mr Kurosawa for my wife. We got to Eastwood City at almost 10:00pm just in time for dinner despite heavy traffic while on our way there. When we got there, her (my wife) other office mates were already there waiting for us outside while having appetizers.

We settled down first before taking a look into what's on the menu. I could have wished that we were able to get a good table inside so I could take pictures of its interiors. I got to read some previous blogs about this restaurant prior to visiting them and so far, I've been seeing good reviews from them. I told my wife what I found while doing my search and she was hoping that she would enjoy the food knowing her that she's not fond of Japanese food unlike me XD.

Here is a brief background about the restaurant that we had dinner last night.

Inspired by the late Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, the flagship restaurant opened last February 12, 2009 at the ground floor of the Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City, promising a new concept in fusion restaurant dining which is a notch higher than what the founders had done before – Japanese cuisine with a touch of European flair.

I was about to set-up my camera and my eternal flash when I got a shock for the night. My 8 AA batteries for my flash were NOT in my camera bag. My wife got furious last night knowing that all of my things needed to take pictures were all there. I got surprised too and had no choice but to use the pop-up flash in my camera and try to adjust my settings so as not to make my shots harsh.

Well some of my shots were good enough though it could have been better if I could have used my external flash. I was able to take some food shots before the food was devoured since all of us were hungry that time. 

Anyways, here are the food that we tried. Well almost XD.

Chicken Teriyaki Waldorf - 299 pesos (This pizza tastes good and it crispy as well. The cheese sticks and melts in your mouth)

Beef Teppan - 378 pesos (Beef was just right though I wasn't ale to fully appreciate it since I only got a bite XD)

Ika Fry - 258 pesos (Just ok though.)

Salmon Wasabi Cream Sauce - 338 pesos (I ordered it but it never came =( )

Bacon Wrapped Dory - 238 pesos (This on tastes good. The taste of bacon was there but I never noticed the taste of the dory XD).

Chicken and Ebi Japella - 518 pesos (The stickiness of the rice was perfect for my taste.)

Seafood Japella - 858 pesos (I wasn't able to try this XD)

All - Fruit Ice Cream - 358 pesos (I enjoyed this since I'm a big fan of ice cream but I wasn't able to get a second serving XD).

Strawberry Milkshake - 158 pesos (I sipped some of my wife's and it tasted really good).

As most of us were almost full (with me getting tipsy with four cans of San Mig Light), my wife started to open the gifts she received from her office mates. I see in her face that she really liked all of them (and me too) as I try to capture her emotions through my camera. At least our daughter has a new set of baby clothes to wear (and less worry for the both of us which baby clothes to choose).

Probably, I'll be going back here soon enough to try out their other dishes but I'll tag some friends so we could order more food plus we'll make sure to get a spot inside the restaurant XD.

Pictures and updates to follow very soon XD.   

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