Friday, March 25

Bullies Beware!

While doing my daily blog-hopping for inspiration, I got this from one of the blogs I'm following.

After watching the 15-minute video, I can't help it but remember some of the events that happened to me way back when I was in grade school and in highschool (until third year). Though I wasn't bullied that much in the physical sense, I got a lot of beating in the emotional aspect that most of the time, my self-esteem was always low. Good thing I reached fourth year highschool back then before off to college where bullying is the thing of the past and enjoyed life since then.

I admire Casey's extreme tolerance against bullying before he fought back to the little fellow who kept on bullying him. I will definitely have my daughter watch this video a few years from now and tell her to fight back if and only if she's really pushed to the limit. Bullying is a no-no for me and I won't even tolerate my kid is she bullies someone.

To Casey, you're the man! XD

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