Sunday, March 20

Am I enjoying my restdays?

The answer is NO! XD

Though I got the best rest day at work (Fri-Sat), for some reason, it seems that I couldn't enjoy much of it unlike when I had a Sunday-Monday off. Even if I had to work Saturday nights, I can still go to some events in the afternoon before going to work. Though Saturday nights are really boring since I can't be seen in the scene. 

With my current rest day for the past 3 months, though I have the entire Saturday at my disposal, it seems I can't maximize my Friday's plus with my sleeping time, it got worse. Now, I wake up between 2 to 3am since I usually fall asleep earlier instead of sleeping at around 10:00pm. 

Not that I'm complaining, I wish I could have the best schedule the company would offer XD.

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