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2011 Swabeng Saving Tips

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I've been reading various blogs on how to save money for quite sometime now. Some are doable while others are almost next to impossible. For me, these are the ways to save money. It works for me and definitely it will work for you as well. But make sure to read this with an open mind.

Here the the thing's I do to save money.

1. Give your entire salary to your spouse XD! I'm just kidding guys XD. Give a certain amount to her so she would be the one to take care of the family's budget. What I usually do is I give my entire salary for her to deposit in our joint account then I get my allowance from there (with her consent XD).

2. If you could, avoid those convenience stores (7-11, Mini Stop and the like). True that these are very convenient as they're open 24/7/365. But if you would compute for the amount of you could have save when you buy from the supermarket, you'd be surprised. I've been trying to battle the battle with them and I'm almost on the verge of victory.

3. Set aside 15-20% of your salary and make a separate savings account for it. Some would say 5-10% is enough. That is if you're really on a tight budget. But for those who earn a bit more, its better to save more especially for the rainy day.

4. Bring your own baon (BYOB). Bringing in packed-lunch (or dinner in my case XD) really helps you save a lot and besides who would refuse to home-cooked meals packed with so much love. Though its a bit heavy to carry, the perks in the long run will be felt through a fatter wallet.

5.  Buy in bulk but be selective. You've seen this in various saving tips blog. But based on experience, there are things that are much better when purchased in retail rather than in whole.Trust me, there is.

6. Have more than one ATM but with different bank networks. Probably get one from Megalink, one from Banknet and one from Expressnet. This would save you atleast 12 pesos every time you withdraw from the bank's network. Just make sure to keep your maintaining balance to avoid penalties.I'm still looking for ways to save when using an international card like my wife does XD.

7. If you have a credit card, pay on time or in advance. This would save you the hassles of getting penalties and probably get more rebates if you pay ahead of schedule. But if you can, cut the credit card. It'll save you more from trouble. XD

8. Use the other side of the paper. If you'll be printing non-work related stuff like brochures or what not, Use the other side of the paper. Not only It will help you save office supplies, you'll be helping the environment as well. 

9. If its cool enough in your room, turn off the air-condition or electric fan. This applies to cooler climates or if the weather is cold enough. Otherwise, use them according to comfort.

10. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Do I have to explain more on this one? XD

11. Treat yourself and your loved ones once in a while. Well this ain't bad especially if done once in a while to let them know they're still loved and cared for. Probably going out for dinner with your partner once a month will do.

12. Use the office internet during lunch hours or after hours. Sounds evil right XD? Well as long as no one finds out as well as you go to websites that enrich your creativity, I don't think there would be any problem with that. Other than that, DON'T. Just go online for personal use somewhere else. XD

13. Sale is not necessarily your best friend. Some say you would save  lot when you purchased an item on sale. Just make sure that the item you purchased is in top condition. Otherwise, you just wasted your money on second-hand re-runs.

14. Is watching the premiere night really worth it? For me, its more of a NO than a yes. Why? The only advantage of watching a premiere night is you get to watch it ahead of schedule and ahead of everybody else and some freebies that you may get for watching an advanced screening. But the movie itself doesn't change whenever you want to watch it. Probably get a DVD (Original) copy of  it and share it with the family at home. From there, you would be able to watch it over and over without spending much money. If you're after the experience of watching it on the big screen, I won't be arguing with you anymore XD.

15. Prepaid vs Postpaid. Actually, based from my point of view, I was able to save more using prepaid cards rather than that of having a postpaid account to maintain. At first, I thought having a postpaid account would save me more but since I don't send SMS and do calls often, my 500-peso Globe load would last for two months, sometimes even longer.

16. Do you really need to spend much on coffee? For me, its between a yes or no. Yes because every November and Dececmber, I go to these coffee shops not just to enjoy their coffee and the ambiance of its place, but also I collect stickers and stamps for their annual planners. I got two from them this year and they were very useful plus there are some discounts and freebies that I enjoy every month of the following year. But most of the time, its a NO because its not practical to spend 155 pesos for coffee on a daily basis.

That's all for now. I might add some more if I would discover some. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments about this.


  1. Great and very informative tips here... we can save lots of money with your tips...thanks

  2. i agree with #1, my husband never fails to do this. he doesn't want to hold his own money. =)

  3. Those are very practical and useful tips.
    Thank you for sharing your swabeng tips. :D

  4. Haha! These are tips that a lot of people often overlook. But it's good to remind people once in a while.

  5. Great tips! Kelangan ko to.. hehe. I agree with the #10. :)

  6. Kelangan ko nang magsave talaga. Maybe I need to open another ATM account. Thanks for the share. Galing nitong mga tips na ito.

  7. I like the tips and believe in them. if followed we will all have financial security rather than be slave with money. I will keep tab of this post for future use.May adult content warning lang yung blog mo maybe bec of the title kaya initially i was discouraged to open!

  8. bring your own baon is something i try to do even in school, but sometimes... oh no. :(

  9. thanks for this post.. i agree with all mentioned above. we should analyze your limitations, how much we can afford to save after all our basic needs and bills, etc. We should always live within our means, if we can't afford it then don't buy it! and avoid borrowing money.. it will pull us down..

  10. Whew! a lot of discipline is in order if these are going to work :) I'm so guilty of nos. 2 and 14.

  11. Easy to read but difficult to do for me. =( Perhaps when I turn thirty or something =p

  12. very practical tip indeed. I have done some of the tips, but some tips like saving 20% of the salary us hard for me. Thanks for sharing this.

  13. I agree on #10. Is is applicable on everything? ^^

  14. number 1 is the reason why we don't have any savings... hahahaha

  15. panalo! ... so yaman ka na? share your blessings! lol! :) great tips!!!! love #4, 10 and 13 :)

  16. hahaha... effective ba talaga ung number 1. joke. nice tips. Yahweh bless.

  17. effective ba talaga ung number 1... hahaha. joke. nice tips. Yahweh bless.


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