Thursday, February 3

5 months of days, 5 months of nights

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Its been 10 months since I started working again. But this one is quite unique because I have worked for 5 months during the day and 5 months at night. Each has its own pros and cons but at the end of the day, as long as you get paid and get the job done, its all that matters. But how do we compare working days with nights? Here are my observations (pros and cons)

Working during the day:
1. You get to smell freshly brewed coffee at home. 
2. You'd be hearing some vendors shout "Taho!". 
3. A lot of food choices to choose from. 
4. You'd be usually stuck in traffic if you leave home late (sometimes even earlier).
5. Your take home pay is just as is minus the tax and other payments. 
6. Most of your friends are online since their schedule will be the same as yours. 
7. You'd have to join the rest of the workforce falling in line waiting for the MRT, bus or jeepneys.
8. Your breakfast would be either pandesal or tapsilog. 
9. You would be able to join gimiks with your friends on a Friday night
10. The heat of the sun won't have much effect on you.
11. You'll be safe from thugs and crooks. 
12. MMDA are on the go for traffic violators.
13. A 5-7 hours of sleep would be enough for you to last the day.
14. You have to watch your back if you're browsing non-work related websites XD.
15. You read the newspaper before going to work

Working during the night:
1. You get to smell freshly brewed coffee at Starbucks.
2. You'd be hearing some vendors shout "Balot!".
3. Your only food choices are 7-11 or Ministop unless there are other fastfood chains that are open 24/7
4. You'll never got stuck in traffic except for gimik nights but if your shift starts at 11:00pm onwards, you'll be free from traffic XD.
5. You'll have night differential plus other perks as additional to your take home pay minus the taxes and other miscellaneous expenses.
6. The only friends that are online during the night are insomniacs, living abroad and those who have the same work hours as you do XD.
7. You don't have to fall in line to get your ride. Just make sure they're still open XD.
8. Your breakfast would be your dinner. Your dinner would probably be pandesal XD.
9. No gimiks for you especially if your rest day does not fall on weekends XD.
10. The sun won't hurt your skin at night XD.
11. You'll be more prone to thugs and crooks so travel safely.
12. MMDA are probably sleeping here that's why accidents do happen.
13. A 5-7 hours of sleep for you may not be enough.
14. You're safe to browse anything as long as no one is watching XD.
15. You read the newspaper when you get home.

Well, that's all that I can squeeze from my brain right now XD.


  1. Hmm so day time or night time there's a lot of pros and cons

  2. Never experienced working in night shifts, only extended night hours wherein I usually ended up sleeping at the office.

    Those are great observations and true especially for CC people.

  3. I can relate to working night shift from #s 3-12 LOL


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