Thursday, January 13

The week that was (January 2 - 8)

This would be my first for 2011. XD

Sunday: I was hoping for a stress-free, call-free shift until I got a call that requires me to escalate it since it is beyond my support boundaries. After my shift, instead of going home to Sampaloc, I went to San Pedro to get some clothes and give the cellphone I've bought for my dad. Going there took me at least an hour and a half. When I got home, my dad wasn't there. So is my mom (who went out to do some groceries) and my sisters. I relaxed for a bit and had a very hearty breakfast before going to bed at around 11:00am.Then I got up at around 4:00pm and my dad wasn't still home yet. I had my late lunch and got myself ready to go back home in Manila. By 7:00pm, my dad was not yet home so I told my mom that I got dad a new cellphone. Just as I was about to get a tricycle, I was able to see my dad and told him that his new cellphone was on his cabinet. It took me almost 2 hours to get back home so I tried to get some naps while traveling. I got home at around 8:30pm and rested for a while before finally going to sleep.

Monday: I got up from bed at 3:00am even though I am already at my senses as early as 2:30am. I just went online and did some personal stuff until 9:30am. Then I went to SM Manila to buy myself some things that I need for the week's activities. As I got home, I was surprised that my wife was getting ready for work after four months of rest. I even watched TV after I accompany my wife to the LRT station in Legarda since the topic was about food. I got up a bit early since I'll be alone for the night. Its kinda new to me working on Monday nights after having it as my rest day for four months.

Tuesday: And when the phone was passed to me at 12:45am. I got at least 6 calls and several emails that I need to work on before my shift ends. Now this is what I called at work. XD. I've been quite busy for the past 2 hours or so answering calls and emails as well. Good thing our GHD (Global Help Desk Manager) was there for assistance. It seems that I've been busy the entire shift, I wasn't able to do much personal stuff over the internet XD. Probably at around 5:00am, I felt tired already because of the workload that I got. After my shift, I went home right away using the Buendia-LRT-LRT2 route. But an unfortunate icident happened on LRT Line 2 which was having technical problem so I had no choice but to take a jeep going home. I went online for a couple of minutes before taking my wife to the LRT (which was ok now) and had my snack of shawarma rice. Then I went back hone to take a shower and went straight to bed. Then, I had a dream. Me and my family went up north on an trip when suddenly I lost ALL of my photography equipment (Camera body, Lens, Accessories) I tried to recover it but I was unsuccessful. Good thing it was a bad dream and I checked my camera bag and they are still there XD. While going to work, my colleague from the midshift told me that my team mate at the night shift won't be able to report today which means I'll be all alone again XD.

Wednesday: Work was quite steady as compared to the previous night. I got a few easy calls that I was able to fix right away. I was able to do some stuff online even for a short while. After work, I got home right away to wake my wife up and take her to the LRT Station before going to sleep. I got up a bit late since I slept at past 12:00pm. Even I got late in the office, good thing my colleague was here already. Before the clock strikes midnight, I was able to work on some tickets to avoid getting dumped with a lot of pending tickets.

Thursday: Good thing its all normal here. We were not swamped with calls though we need to respond to the emails that our US clients send us.Good thing we didn't had any phone calls for the day as we finished our shift. I went home via Crossing-Quiapo route. But we me and my colleague had to stop at Tropical Hut since both of us got really hungry. After a hearty breakfast, we continued traveling until we reached our respective homes. My wife was sleeping soundly when I arrived. I woke her up and make sure she is ready for work. After taking her to the LRT station, I went back home to go online until probably 11:30am. Then before going to sleep, I read the book we purchased when I took my wife to the Hospital for her monthly check-up. It was a good book (probably will do a separate review on the book). I got up seven hours later and got myself ready for work. As usual, I got late again but hey, my colleague was there already XD.

Friday: Work was quite steady in the office as we transitioned from Thursday to Friday. Good thing we were able to do our respective personal stuffs online as we only had email requests. Then after shift, I went home via MRT-LRT2 which took me a while. When I got home, my wife was already taking her bath, getting ready for work. After taking her to the LRT station, I went back home to go online and do some blog reading from other blog sites. I was up until 2:00pm hoping I could stay awake until evening but unfortunately, I fell asleep and got up at 8:30pm. My wife was the one who woke me up when she got home from work. Good thing I was still able to keep myself awake until both me and my wife went upstairs to sleep. 

Saturday: Good thing I was able to get some sleep and got up at around 4:00am. I went online to check some personal stuff and email CBTL about my complain (they wanted me to email them to make it formal). Then I kept myself online until 7:00am since I'll be going out to attend my first photowalk this year in Quiapo (I'll make a separate blog for this). I left home at around 8:30am after a hearty breakfast and head straight to Quiapo. I was able to meet my good friend Jeff as well as met some new friends from flickristas. It was also the day before the Feast of the Black Nazarene so there were more people than usual in Quiapo which gives me plenty of subjects to shoot. I was able to do a short photowalk for atleast 2-3 hours before heading to Greenhills. Once I got there, I passed by a restaurant since I got really hungry. Then, I proceed to the place where I need to go and will be there for the next few Saturdays. After the session, I went home right away since my wife missed me a lot XD. But before I went home, she asked me to buy something for her which made me pass by SM Centerpoint. Then all of a sudden, my wife changed her mind and wanted me to go home right away. Instead, I went to Shakey's ay SM Centerpoint and ordered an 18" pizza for all of us back home. I came home very tired and drained but I was able to enjoy the day. I slept at around 9:30pm since I am very sleepy that time.

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