Sunday, January 2

The week that was (Dec 26 - January 1)

Sunday: My conversation with the Verizon people continued until 3:00am probably. After that, I was able to relax and unwind XD. After my shift, I went home via taxicab so I could be there within less than 30 minutes since me and my wife needs to pack some stuff for our visit to my folks in San Pedro. Going back home to San Pedro didn't take us that long since the skyway is almost done. When we got there, we ate another round of breakfast which consists of leftovers from their noche buena. I was supposed to sleep right away but I got too full with a lot of eating. I got up at around 3:00pm since my wife woke me up which made me a bit irritated especially with lack of sleep. We had our late lunch then (the reason why my wife woke me up) before spending the rest of the afternoon watching TV. I went out for a while to check my personal stuff online before going back home and calling it a day at 9:30pm.

Monday: I got up at around 3:00am felling the chills since its kinda cold there. Having no internet, I had to content myself with reading some magazines of my sister and cooked my own breakfast as my stomach is already grumbling XD. I watched TV early in the morning together with my dad since he got up early due to the cold weather. My wife woke-up as well and I invited her to walk on the new walkway in the front of our house. I was a bit surprised that the walkway in front of our house was already finished. We went there to walk and get some fresh morning air. Then we went back to have breakfast before enjoying the rest of the morning. All the while I feel like I'm having colds plus my body is kinda heavy probably due to the cold weather back home. I rested for a while before going to SM Manila to purchase a cellphone for my dad as a Christmas gift. My dad told me he wanted a simple phone that has a radio and a camera but easy to operate. I've looked for several options but I couldn't find the one that he needs until I found one at Cherry Mobile. Unfortunately, the unit that fit his needs is out of stock which means I have to get a different unit. I settled for a Nokia 1616 which was more affordable and has a radio in it. I purchased a SIM as well in order for the phone to operate. I felt hungry after purchasing that phone and at the same time, I feel really dizzy. After minutes of searching, I ended up at French Baker ordering soup on bread bowl and a quiche which I find it strange to eat. I put every ounce of strength in going home since I'm really weak at that point. Once I got home, I slept at around 6:00pm.

Tuesday: After 11 hours of sleep, I got up at past five in the morning as my body was still a bit aching from yesterday. I went online from 5:30am-8:30am to check out most of my personal stuff. Then by 8:30am, I went out to have my breakfast since there were no food at home. I try to see if I can control my body for my work that night since I'm still feeling heavy and uncomfortable. Though I was able to keep myself up until noon, I felt my body wanted to give in. But after a couple of hours of sleep, I felt much better now.

Wednesday: So far, so good, probably people in the US are either enjoying their holidays or they wanted to keep themselves warm from the snow storm in the east coast. I hope everyone there are fine and safe. I left the office at around 7:13am and took a cab. My colleague joined me on my way home since he'll be going to PRC to run some errands. But before I got home, I had my pancake breakfast at the recently-opened Mc Donald's in Legarda. Then my wife was still asleep when I got home when she got up all of a sudden and wanted a big breakfast. I went out again to buy her a big breakfast plus extras then gave it to her.

Thursday: Got several calls including an outage. But when I was about to create a ticket, it doesn't allow me to save the ticket completely. It took me a while before I was able to create a new one (It took me at least three tries). Then we spent the rest of our shift shifting through various websites one after the other. I took a cab home after my shift to get there early since my wife will be going to Divisoria to shop for additional Maternity clothes together with her mom and her sister.After they left, I went to Mc Donald's to get my breakfast there. probably, of of the most expensive fast food breakfast I had there XD. I was even able to watch TV before going to bed at 11:00am. Good thing I was able to get some good sleep before going to the office. I was also able to buy some milk for my wife on my way too. Well we haven't encountered much issues yet.

Friday: The phones were back to us since our US counterparts so which means they will be getting the phones from us Monday night. So far, so good.I got home at 7:30am and fell asleep after changing clothes. Unfortunately, I got up at 10:30am feeling the need to go to the bathroom. Then making myself fall asleep again was a daunting task. I don't know what time I've slept again but good thing I was able to get some more sleep. I left home at around 7:30pm to anticipate a possible shortage of available vehicles as mode of transportation in going to office. I was able to get a train to Recto on line 2 as well as catching the last train going to Baclaran on Line 1. But when I got to Buendia, there were no Bus available going to Ayala Ave so I took a jeepney ride up to RCBC Plaza and another jeep going through Ayala Ave. I didn't went to the office yet as I went to CBTL to get my ice-blended drink. Unfortunately, the store was closed even before 8:30pm. I went to 7-11 to buy my food as consolation. I got in the office at around 8:45pm and relaxed for a while. So far, so good. I was able to greet some friends online and check some personal stuff.

Saturday: Got two calls to start the New Year (sheesh!). I was hoping everybody would be celebrating the holidays but some still have to work (including me). After my shift, I went home right away via MRT-LRT2 route but walking towards those stations took me longer as some passages going there were closed so I had to take a longer route. Before going home, I passed by Jollibee in Legarda to eat some pancakes since I got really hungry. I tried not to sleep early after getting home and I was able to do that since I got really stuffed after eating three bowls of macaroni soup made by my mother-in-law (one of my favorite comfort foods). I slept from 10:30am up to 6:30pm. I had a dream of having a reunion with my fellow org-mates from college. I'm not sure of its actual meaning to me but it has something to do with renewing something I should have done in a long time. I had to get up early to anticipate again the shortage of vehicles (buses in particular). I left at around 8:30pm and waited for the bus but there was none found so I took a cab going to the office. I was able to get here at 9:00pm and played for a while. So far, so good. No issues at all from the US folks as they celebrate New Year there. ^_^

Again, Happy 2011 to all. XD

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