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What Happen in 2010

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As the year 2010 comes to a close, a lot of things happened to me with a purpose. Somehow, it helped me a lot improve myself again in almost all aspects.

January: Start of a new year with no job. I mean, I've started my job hunt for this year. I have also celebrated New Year as well as my Birthday for the first time away from home. I got my first interview since July 2009. It was for a new career in IT (as Helpdesk) which I'm not sure whether I would be able to make it or not even if I am backed up by my college friend (and tropa). I was also able to shoot 3 churches for 3 consecutive days even if my DSLR is still having problems. I have also attended the Photoworld Asia 2010 on the last week of January and I was able to make the most out of it even my camera is not 100% functional. When I have it checked, the guy told me that I got a busted lens which prevents it from auto-focusing, thus I need to have my 18-55mm lens repaired.

February: I sent my camera to Canon for further repairs since its lens has been damaged since October 2009. We also purchased a new laptop for my wife as well as a wireless broadband so we could surf the internet at home and for my wife's raket. I got also hooked (or should I say, way too hooked) with Plants Vs Zombies which sometimes distracts me from my reaching my targets. 

March: This month was like a wake-up for me. My application at Halcrow as Service Desk Analyst was rejected since my friend told me they hired someone else (probably better) though I was expecting for them to initiate a possible contract signing. Anyway, I also re-visited some online forums that I've been active before like pinoyexchange for possible job hunting there as well as scouting for some feedback on some companies that I've been eyeing to apply. I was also able to attend FHM's 10th Anniversary Party and it was really a blast. If I had work during that time, I may not be able to attend that event. It was like a VIP party for those who are really into FHM for the past 10 years or so. I attended a series of interviews left and right but most of them eneded up short. But I never gave up and still looked for that career I really wanted into. I was able to attend a job fair sponsored by The Manila Bulletin wherein I sat down and listened to the speakers as attentively as possible. I learned some from those speakers as well. After a few weeks of job hunting, I got to Greif instead and started working with them on the 29th. 

April: I got my camera back after being sent to Canon for repairs last February. As soon as I got my camera back, I was able to take pictures every weekend of the month. It was like shooting like there is no tomorrow but just better. Carshows, cosplays, festivals, name it, I've been there for that month. Somehow, my shots improved thanks to the photography tips I have found on the internet as well as to those who shared their talent. At the same time, I am also learning the ropes of being an IT Helpdesk which I know it will be the start of my IT career. There were times that work was so boring since we don't encounter issues very often but we still enjoy what we do when were busy. XD

May: I was able to get my first paycheck in 8 months. I bought my 2nd lens which was the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II. My schedule that time was a bit earlier compared to the previous month but its OK. At least that allowed me to go home early. I was able to attend an interesting tour courtesy of Mr Lawrence Chan around the metro. I got to attend two more carshows and a poker tournament together with friends which makes my day fun and memorable when I am with them. This was also the first time our country had its first automated election and it was somewaht successful. I didn't participate in it anyway XD. I also got my fist try in shooting a Santa Cruzan event in SM MOA which I enjoyed and learned a lot from it. 

June: I was able to purchase Scott Kelby's book on Digital Photography. It was somewhat helpful though I think its not enough when it comes to some scenarios. It was also my first time to go to a resort in Bulacan (Jeds). I also had the opportunity to take pictures in Makati via the I heart Makati Contest which I experienced to take long exposure photos especially at night. I got also coached (or should I say scolded) by my then-TL for some lapses in my performance for the past few weeks. That was a wake-up call for me to get more serious with work (for that time being. hehe). the following day, all of us at helpdesk got shocked because out TL left without informing us. Anyway, life has to go on.

July: I was able to purchase my bigger and better camera bag (Crumpler 7mdh) at Trinoma. Also, I have attended a major event for photographers (professionals, amateurs and hobbyists) c/o Digital Photographer Philippines. Before the month ended, I was able to join a road-trip of Pinoy Photography (Pipho) touring the countryside of Rizal and Laguna. For the fourth time this year, I was able to attend FHM's 100 sexiest Victory Party together with my friends and really enjoyed the event.

August: I had another change in my work schedule but this time, I worked from 10am-7pm which I consider my favorite schedule since I could go out at nights then. But since, I'm working at one of the busiest cities in the country, I got late more than several times I think. I also decided to have ourselves (me and my wife) visit and ob-gyne for her since it has been eight months since we got married and until that point, my wife wasn't able to conceive a child for us. Luckily when we visited the doctor (upon my mom's recommendation), she was a few weeks pregnant but at the same time, there was a cyst in her womb which makes her (and me) worry a lot. The operation for removing the cyst was scheduled for December so that the baby in her womb would be strong enough. Also, Grow asked me if I'll be renewing my contract with them for a year. I had to accept the offer since I need enough funds to keep us going and make sure we were able to save as well.

September: Probably one of the most eye-opening month in my entire life. I rushed my wife into the hospital not knowing that she will undergo a life-threatening operation. That almost drained me emotionally and financially but we were able to survive the ordeal. I had to take a leave of absence (unpaid) from work to take care care of my wife and make sure she recovers. Good thing I was able to attend some events which includes Dutdutan 2010 and my Sister's Wedding with the help of my newly-acquired items to help my camera take better pictures like my Phottix Battery Grip and my Nissin Di622 External Flash. I was also able to visit our wedding photographer to inform them of the layout we wanted as well as the draft for our wedding video. 

October: This would be the start of my one-year contract extension with Grow/Greif and I need to learn as much as I can so that I would be more marketable in my next IT job. Along with that, I was still able to attend some more events which includes two Saturday events that I had to file my leave twice for Saturday's event. Plus I was able to meet our Helpdesk Manager (who is US-Based) in person as well as the other visitors outside of the country for a visit. 

November: I'm slowly getting used to working night shifts even if I'm alone. I was able to join a photo contest sponsored by canon which gave me an opportunity to show my skills and get some freebies of course XD. I started collecting stickers/stamps for my 5th Starbucks Planner this lifetime. I have attended the Manila Auto Salon for the forth time but I felt that my eyes aren't as sharp as it was four years ago. I even feel my vision getting blurry as I walk through the area.

December: It's so hard to imagine how time flies so fast. It was like yesterday that my wife and I got married and we just celebrated our first year anniversary. Also both of us are looking forward to our baby this April of 2011 and I'm still thinking of a good name for him (or her). I was also able to claim my 5th Starbucks Planner after taking my wife to her monthly check-up at her doctor at The Medical City in Ortigas. And I'm almost complete with my stamps for my first CBTL 2011 Planner after seeing it and got highly interested in getting one. Though one thing I noticed is that my interest in photography slowly diminishing again and I have to do something about it.

Basically, I'm blessed this year despite all the challenges that came along the way. Things do may come and go but all I can say is that I learned a lot from this year and I'm looking forward to more in 2011.

Goodbye 2010. Thank you for the memories. ^_^

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