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50 things to do in Year of the Rabbit

I saw this on Yahoo and I think its a good read so I'll share it to everyone ^_^. But I'll include my comments on some of them. XD

50 things to do in Year of the Rabbit

Now that we have bidden The Year of the Tiger goodbye and happily ushered in The Year of the Rabbit…

1. Send a “Happy New Year” text message to people you love.
*Sent already. XD

2. Watch any or all of the eight Metro Filmfest entries.
*Nah! That would be 170 pesos times eight. I'd rather wait its DVD edition. XD

3. Don’t buy pirated DVDs.
*Yup. Its bad buying stolen goods

4. Don’t forget to drink at least eight glasses of water per day.
*I drink twelve glasses even more. XD

5. Get eight hours of sleep per night.
*I wish I could do that everyday. XD

6. Consult your doctor before taking any supplements.
*I wish I have money to consult a doctor. XD

7. Let Dr. Vicki Belo straighten those wrinkles on your face.
*Nah! I don't need that =P.

8. Any problem with your blood sugar? Consult diabetologist Dr. Wilson Lim (Metropolitan Hospital and St.  Luke’s Medical Center).
*Probably if I have a health card, I will =P.

9. Give food, not money, to street beggars.
*I would agree since money given to them will just be collected by the syndicate. 

10. Fix that leaking roof before the rainy season sets in.
*How can I fix it if I can't access it? =P

11. Unload emotional baggage.
*Already unloaded. XD

12. To unwind, try spending a weekend at the Panglao Island Nature Resort (PINR) in Tagbilaran, Bohol.
*How I wish I have time and money for this =P.

13. Try the new dishes at any of the three Little Asia outlets (Tomas Morato, Quezon City; Promenade,  Greenhills, San Juan City; and McKinley, Fort Bonifacio).
*Probably will do one of these days. XD

14. You only have three more days (playdate extended to Jan. 3) to watch the spectacular Splendide: The Grand China National Acrobatics Troupe at the Araneta Coliseum (for tickets, call 911-5555).
*Aww. Too bad, I have work.

15. Don’t talk to strangers especially at malls. Otherwise, you might fall victim (like Perla Bautista) to the  budol-budol gang.
*Well, they won't get anything from me anyway. XD

16. Don’t be fooled by fake Twitter or Facebook account, like those under my name and those of Ronald Constantino, Cristy Fermin and Jobert Sucaldito.
*I don't Tweet but thanks for the update on facebook. XD

17. Give some of your excess clothes and shoes to the needy.
*Might be doing that soon. 

18. Pray with the Pink Sisters at the St. Joseph Adoration Chapel on Hemady St., New Manila, Quezon City.
*Where is it exactly located? 

19. Start reading those books gathering dust on the shelf.
*I have 2 newly acquired books that I haven't read yet. XD

20. Start watching those DVDs (not pirated) of old movies in your collection.
*Hmmmm. XD

21. Stop believing all the rumors about your favorite stars (baka publicity lang ang mga ‘yon).
*Yeah right! XD

22. Don’t drive through a red light or a one-way street.
*I don't drive but I drink. XD

23. Pull out plugs (for iron, electric fan, aircon, etc.) before leaving home.
*I always do that XD. 

24. Torture anybody who envies you by saying “Hi!” or smiling to him (inggit ka lang!) everytime you cross paths.
*I don't do that. Suplado ako in person =P.

25. Have a fill of Lumpiang Sariwa at Ha Yuan (on Mother Ignacia St., Quezon City).
*Will probably check that place soon. 

26. Take home for your family siopao bola-bola special at Ma Mon Luk after burping over your bowl of  chicken mami.
*Still thinking if we will go back to Ma Mon Luk.

27. Drive safely; the life you save may be your own.
*I don't drive. I just ride XD. 

28. Don’t text or use your celfone while walking anywhere; the guy behind you may be a snatcher.
*Just be very careful. 

29. Subscribe to Vanity Fair, the complete magazine (as far as I’m concerned).
*What's that???

30. Interact with Mike Enriquez and Arnold “Igan” Clavio during the “blind item” portion of their morning program on dzBB.
*I wish I could XD.

31. If you have two radio sets, tune in at the same time to dzMM, same time, for Ted Failon’s incisive commentaries (Waray-Waray gud iton!).
*How I wish XD.

32. For the latest (as in “fresh from the oven”) showbiz items, watch Startalk every Saturday (on GMA after Eat, Bulaga!).
*I'm probably asleep for my night shift or away from home XD.

33. Check out Bench outlets (there’s one in every mall nationwide) for the latest line-up of casual wear.
*Will try soon XD.

34. Save a few pesos for any of the Valentine shows in February.
*What shows? XD

35. Use, ehem, rubber.
*Rubber band? XD

36. Broken-hearted? Don’t try anything drastic. Life is precious. There are many “others” out there.
*Me, broken-hearted? XD

37. Any suggestion for improvement of your community? Write to your congressman (who, hopefully, can  listen to you when he’s not busy counting his pork barrel).
*I wish these people would really serve their constituents. 

38. Stop smoking (if you haven’t up to now). Again, the life you save may be your own.
*Uhm..... XD

39. Don’t just sit there or lie there while watching TV; march or jog in place…goodbye, excess poundage!
*How I wish I could XD. 

40. Leave Kris Aquino and James Yap to settle their marital problem. After all, they won’t give you any balato once they (amicably?) divide the millions between them.
*Its none of my business anyway so why bother?

41. So what if P-Noy is courting this and that girl. He’s a 50-year-old bachelor and entitled to, uhm, “play the field.”
*Now that's my Idol! XD

42. Dreaming to be an instant millionaire? Eh, di tumaya ka sa lotto!
*I'm doing that until now XD. 

43. Or why not try your luck in Willie Revillame’s Willing Willie?
*Nah! I don't like him at all. 

44. Blend the five “greens” — green apple, green pepper, ampalaya, celery and cucumber — and drink a big glassful before breakfast. Very healthy.
*Just thinking of it makes me wanna throw-up XD.

45. Watch out when you’re withdrawing money from the ATM. The guy behind you may be a “holdupper.”
*And I'll rob him back XD.

46. Learn deep-breathing. It can relieve stress.

47. Sing while taking a shower. It’s good (daw!) for your vocal cords.
*We don't have a shower at home. Just a "tabo" XD.

48. Re-arrange the furniture and appliances at home. It’s a good exercise.
*Will probably do that soon XD.

49. Cliché: Don’t kill yourself on the job. Smell the flowers.
*What flowers? XD

50. Continue to read The STAR, the paper that covers everything, “from cover to cover.”
*And I thought so. =P

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