Saturday, December 11

A Greif Christmas Party

We just got back in our office two hours ago after attending our Company Christmas Party a few hours ago at Tierra Oriental Hotel in Makati. I got there at 9:00pm after attending the FHM Autograph Signing of Ellen Adarna at Robinson's Galeria (a separate blog will be created for this).

When I got to the place, I didn't have high expectations of what would be the place look like. The place was for me, simple but presentable especially to foreigners. I wasn't able to take some snapshots as I was late for the party.

Food was still abundant though I could have got there earlier so I could have took better pictures of them. Anyways, I was still able to take a snap or two as I was also eating as well since I am really hungry by that time. I was one of the designated photographers for our party and all of my gear were very cooperative with me while shooting XD. I didn't participate in any program but I won a thousand bucks. Cool don't you think? XD

As the program moves on, I was able to take more and more pictures of my colleagues fro the Helpdesk as well as from other IT Departments with their crazy antics and whatnot. I wasn't even included in that crazy bunch since I'm one of their photographers XD. But anyway I'd rather be behind my camera than be the subject. As we had our exchange gifts, I got mine though the gifts I got wasn't the one I was expecting. But the gifts I got was still photography-related. After a couple of hours, I had to report back to the office since I still have my shift to finish. I was able to take some food for my wife though I hope I could bring more (I only got some Lechon Baboy to take home)

Anyway, some pictures to follow very very soon. XD

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