Friday, November 26

Thoughts on renewing my ECE License

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While waiting for our shift to finish, my colleague showed me a link regarding an upcoming convention on Dec 7-9, 2010. It was facilitated by IECEP which I used to know this organization very well when I was in college a decade ago. But through the years, it has changed and I've missed a lot of it not knowing if I could still keep myself up to date with its latest trends and technologies. More so, Ive checked the website of the Professional Regulatory Board or PRC and it has changed a lot since the last time I visited it. It was more organized and much better as well.

I'm still thinking whether I would renew my PRC license or not. Since I've made my move to IT, I wasn't able to keep in touch with the ECE in me. Now is probably the time for me to trace back my ECE roots. XD

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