Saturday, November 27

The need to learn wireless

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A few hours ago, I got a call from one of the VPs of the company where I work and he needs assistance in connecting to the internet using wireless. Unfortunately, I don't have enough knowledge nor experience in troubleshooting wireless issues but I did my best in determining the actual problem as well as giving a work-around for the time being while looking for a possible way to have his problem permanently fixed.

Since I've started working as an IT Helpdesk, I've encountered numerous kinds of issues regarding computers. And working with wireless or internet is one of my weaknesses. Even during my TSR days a few years back, troubleshooting something related to the internet are one of the things that I dread the most because aside from its broad, its painstaking to be over the phone for at least an hour to get the problem fixed.

Well, now is the time for me to buckle-up and get to learn more about internet and wireless troubleshooting since I only have 10 more months to go here at my work. XD

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