Monday, November 29

Thoughts on the 6/55 Grand Lotto Tonight

Tonight, the jackpot for the 6/55 grand lotto would reach to more than 700 million pesos. As it grows more and more while no one has yet won the coveted prize, some people who claims to be smart (without them knowing it), wanted to make changes of it. An ex-priest (not sure if I got this right) wanted a lesser evil in the form of 6/42. He thinks that more people would win more because of the lesser odds of winning compared to the 6/55. He may be right but the probability is just less than the other. Meaning, it would take some time to win it. And besides, 6/42 is already a thing of the past. I used to play that back in college XD. Meanwhile, one congressman wanted to have a jackpot cap on the 6/55 to 500 million pesos. What was he thinking? Though I know his intention of not making people get way too hooked on this game, putting a cap doesn't make sense to me. Its like killing the business itself. And besides, a portion of your 20-peso bet goes to charity (probably between 25-35%) already XD.

Well all bettors would have plans of donating their winnings (if they win XD) to charity as a way of giving back to community. And I know as long as there are people who believe in the game, it will last for a long long time. 

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