Monday, November 29

10 years after I graduated from college (Where my career is at right now)

Its been a long time since I graduated from college. Ten years is really a long time. I remember, it was 2000 when that was the last time I saw some of my schoolmates from different courses as I cherished their friendship and camaraderie along the way. Parting was a sad thing to remember. Good thing I still keep in touch with some of my closest friends during college which comprise of my groupmates in our design subjects.

Years have passed, most of them were already working and/or living abroad. Some are already managers in their chosen career. Others chose a different path and have enjoyed it as well. Unfortunately for some, a few passed away at a very young age.

For me, the road was not that easy. First, I've wasted almost 3 years in the academe as an instructor in a prestigious computer college in the south. Though I've enjoyed the company of my students and fellow faculty members and officers, I paid the price of not keeping myself updated with the latest trends and technologies within my chosen profession. More so, the demand for IT-related jobs seems to increase rapidly during those times. I had to quit my teaching job and wandered for a year jobless. The following year, I accepted an offer to work in a Manufacturing Company as a Quality Assurance Engineer. The experience was good but I wasn't able to find the answer I was looking for. I resigned for the second time a year after and wanted to try the field of IT or better known as Information Technology. Then after 2 weeks, I landed a job in the Call Center Industry. My stint there was the longest I experienced. My duration there was longer than my two previous jobs combined. I enjoyed my job there mostly because of the pay and benefits I'm receiving from them. In return, I performed my duties to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end as I resigned from my call center work.

It took me 8 months that includes helping my ex-girlfriend (now my wife) on our wedding plus adjusting to a new life in Manila before landing the job I have right now. I think I would stay in this field for the rest of my days as this is really the path that I wanted to take. After 10 years, now I know I had to work hard to make-up for lost time and to gain the knowledge that I should have learned a long time ago.

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