Tuesday, August 17

The week that was (Aug 8-14)

Sunday: Got up a bit late at around 8:45am. Cooked pancakes since my wife requested for it. Then I went out to but some pancake syrup as well as butter for the pancakes. Had our lunch before going back home to Manila. As we travel back, I felt so sleepy all of a sudden that I don't want to wake up. As we got back home, I went online again before buying some stuff needed for the week ahead.

Monday: I didn't wake up early to edit pictures. Instead, I got up at around 7:00am then I went online for a while before getting myself ready for work. One of my office mates called me saying that one of our team mates won't be able to report today. Good thing I was able to report on time even the traffic was almost horrible. before the clock strikes at 1:00pm, another team mate of ours wasn't able to report to work since he is not feeling well. We were able to complete our tasks on time and I was able to go home early but I got home 90 minutes later.

Tuesday: Rendered 3-hours overtime since my office mate won't be able to make it that day. I left the office at 10:10pm and went to Trinoma to pick-up my wife there.

Wednesday: Good thing my team mate already reported for his 1pm-10pm shift which means I can go home by 7pm. But everytime I leave the office at 7pm, it takes me almost an hour and a half to reach home. XD

Thursday: Got up at around 7:20am and went online for a short period of time before heading to the office. But before that, I went to Perpetual Hospital in F. Cayco street to ask for the schedules of their OB because I will be taking my wife there for a check-up this weekend. Then I went to Intramuros again to have my breakfast there at Manang's stall #9. I really crave their fried chicken there with 3 cups of rice XD.I got to the office at 10:30am (30 mins late XD). Work was quite steady as usual until 7:00pm. After logging-off, I went to Greenhills to join fellow photohobbyists from HGT. They are really fun to be with though I get shy every first meeting. I got home at around 12:00am before I went to bed.

Friday: I got up at 7:00am since I slept at around past 1:00am. Went online for a while before getting myself prepared for work. Traffic was bearable though it took me an hour and a half to reach the office.Work was quite steady until I got home.

Saturday: I got up quite early since I had to do some laundry before going online. After going online, I went to the barbershop to have my haircut before having my shave. XD. After that, I went to Harbor Square to meet my fellow hobbyist It was my first time taking snaps there. It was really a fun learning experience learning from the masters and sharing shots with fellow newbies like me. XD. I got home at around 11:30pm and it was really tiring.


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