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How to choose a camera club and reasons for joining them

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Do you feel alone in your photography? Why not consider joining a camera club? Joining a club can be a good experience especially if you are around people that share the same passion.

The reason I chose this as a topic, was I always see people that are eager to learn photography but don’t have the venue and to learn photography.

Here are some tips in choosing a club.

1. Look for a club that is accessible to you. Going to club meetings is fun but if they too far away, there may be a million reasons not to go that is why location of the club is criteria in choosing a club.

2. Look for a club that share the same passion and zest for photography. Am sure you would like to be caught in a room of gear heads that think the best equiptment = the best photographer. Choose wisely since these are the people you will be shooting with on your photo trips.

3. Look for a club with a good mix of members. A good variety of taste is good because it will expose you to different types of talent around. Seeing is learning and the more attractive photos you see the better. You can get first crack on interviewing someone on his “techniques and tricks”

4. Look for a club that is willing to share in their experiences. Some clubs are too competitive and it is everyman for hiimself. This doesnt instill sharing and competition can sometimes get out of hand.

5. Look for a club that loves photography and the art of taking pictures not a group that uses photography as a guise for other deeper and darker plans.

6. Look for a club that suits your budget. Some clubs spend a lot on photo trips and photo expeditions. Joining clubs that do these things in excess can be harmful to the pocket.

7. Join a club that has experience. There are new clubs and there are old clubs, join a club rich in tradition and experience so you can take advantage of the rich and diverse culture they present to you.

8. Join a club that is active in promoting its craft. Having exhibits are one of the main goals of the club, showing your work can be a rewarding experience. Look for a club that actively participates in photography activities and exhibits.

Here are some basic reasons, I would suggest you join a club.

1. Improve your photography.
Joining your a club will surely improve your photography. Seeing how others shoot and studying their different shooting styles give you an insight to their photography. You will be able to compare different styles and effects that photographers do and choose the one that you are comfortable with.The contest “themes” will give you a window to the photographers mind and how he thinks the interpretation and execution will always be different because these are expressions of their own creative styles.

2. Meet new friends that share the same passion.
When joining a club, you will meet new people that share the same passion of photography and can keep this passion alive. It is hard to shoot by yourself and share your work if no one is interested.In joining a club, you have an audience, a friend and a teacher all rolled up into one.

3. Increase your confidence.
Showing of your photos and learning from each contest will give you the confidence to be able to present your style and photographic work to others. As you build your confidence you will also build up your own style and in turn build up your photographic identity to others.

4. Explore the world together.
Sometimes you are given the opportunity to go travel as a group and explore different places and share these places thru your photography. At times you are invited to On-the-spot shooting contests which are usually done out of town. These are some of the things that put your creative juices to the test. Showing the world thru your eyes is always a reward in itself.

5. Humility.
In a club you will learn humility. Not everyone will like your style and the expensive cameras are at par with any digital or film camera. The Photographers eye is what counts. It is the theme execution that counts. You will always be judged and will not always be on top. This is what drives you to perform better and want to outdo the others.

6. Learn for Free
The club is where you can go and learn for free by asking question on how the photos were taken presented or how it was shot. you can learn from other members that specialize in different fields like portraiture, wildlife, fashion, interior, wedding or food. You can share tips and tricks that you have learned and understand how others do their work.

7. Stock Photos
We have monthly meetings in our club and during those monthly meetings we have our contest with different Theme each month. Thru the years you will be able to compile Photos from different topics and from different Places and eventually have your own mini “stock photo library”.

Am sure if you go over the above list you will find that the clubs you join should be a place where you will fit in. They are a group you should grow with and are willing to share what they learn along the way.

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