Monday, August 9

The week that was (Aug 1-7)

Sunday: Got up early to go online. After that, I decided to go out and have breakfast at Jollibee in Mendiola since I have to go to SM Manila to buy some stuff for the week. I got there (SM Manila) quite early so I hang-out with the rest while waiting for the mall to open. Once the mall was opened, I was able to purchase my needs including a new cleaning cloth for my camera as well as the August Issue of FHM. I went home right away to wake-up my wife so we could attend mass. After hearing mass, we went back home to relax a little bit. Then I went to Trinoma to check the availability of the Lenspen since I need it badly. Good thing there was still available at Digital Walker Zoom though it took me a while to convince myself to get one. After getting one, I went back home but had a quick snack at Mongolian Quick Stop at Gateway. As soon as I got home, I cooked some pancakes for my wife. I felt tired doing these activities as my body wanted to get some rest. I texted my officemate to ask for my schedule this August and she replied that I'll be reporting from 10am-7pm starting Monday.

Monday: Got up early but I decided to get some more sleep until 7:00am. Then I went online for a while before preparing myself for work. Before going to work, I went to Intramuros to have some Fried Chicken for breakfast at manang's stall #9. I got late at work (logged-in at 10:01am) but its fine since I was able to have my breakfast there. Though I feel uneasy having a new schedule, this would work for me in the long run but for the time being, I have to enjoy this. 

Tuesday: Got up at around 5:30am to edit some pictures. Good thing I was able to do good edits on few of them plus I've learned perspective cropping XD.Then I went to work and do my daily responsibilities while I'm there.

Wednesday: Got up early again to edit some pictures. This time, I used perspective cropping on some pictures to make it straight. Commuting to the office was quite ok considering the traffic. Work was quite steady also which gives my brain some exercise. XD.

Thursday: Got up early to edit some more pictures. I also posted an album in facebook where I will upload raw (meaning untouched by photoshop except for the watermark). Then I went to Intramuros to have breakfast there. But I took a different route since there were no bus traveling to Quiapo that time. I was able to have my hearty serving of fried chicken for two days this week (the other was last Monday). Then I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom and hand her some stuff before going to the office.Work was quite steady before going home.

Friday: Got up early but I wasn't able to edit some pictures. I left home to go to Quirino Grandstand to see the photo-mosaic done for the late President Corazon C. Aquino before going to the office.Work was quite OK with some discussions about our incoming schedule in September. I had to wait for the right moment for me to sneak-out and attend the FHM Autograph Signing for August. I got home at around 10:15pm before hitting the bed.

Saturday: Got up early to go online and check some pictures for editing. I bought some breakfast (pandesal) for us to chow down on. Then me and my wife went home to San Pedro to visit our folks there. It has been almost a month since the last time we got there. Travel was ok and we were able to make ourselves comfortable. Then I visited my dentist and my wife tag-along with me. She wanted to go out and after my visit to the dentist, we did some grocery before calling it a day. But I had to go back to one of the internet cafe's in our place to check my facebook. XD


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