Monday, August 9

FHM Autograph Signing August 2010: Priscilla Meireles

This event was a bit challenging on my part since the signing itself started from 7pm-8pm and I won't be able to leave the office until 7pm. BUT, I did something I haven't done in a long time. Go to the event then go back to the office to log-out. XD

But this requires planning and some luck as there might be some issues that I have to attend to while I'm away. Well luck was on my side and I was able to sneak-out for a couple of hours to attend this event. Together with my friend Alex, We went to Robinson's Galeria to attend the said event. Good thing we were able to get there before the event started.

Then we were able to meet Priscilla in person. Actually, this would be the second time I would meet her since the first time was during UNO's Real Hot 100 party back then in 2008. I still remember how tall and pretty she was back then. Now, she is still the same as she wasback in 2008, only taken by John Estrada. Thank God she posed for FHM first before deciding to settle down for good. I was also able to have my picture taken with her as well as have my magazine signed as well. After the event, I immediately went back to the office to log-off before going home.

I'll try to post some pictures soon. XD

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