Monday, July 12

The week that was (July 4 - 10)

I never knew I was heading for a VERY BORING week. O.O

Sunday: I got up at around 9:00am because we both slept late at past 3am. I just went online and wait for my wife to wake-up. Then we hear mass at St Anthony at around noon before going back home to chill-out. Since I got so bored at home, I decided to look for previous issues of DPP but I want to search for it at SM Fairview. Yes, SM Fairview. I haven't been there for almost 5 years so I just took off and went there. 

Monday: This could be one of the most boring day I have encountered in the office. For the entire day, all I had to do was to read forums, blog hopping and check my mafia wars (there were few minutes that I am busy creating tickets for the other teams). After work, I went home immediately since I was not feeling well towards the end of my shift. 

Tuesday: I got up early again hoping that I could sort some of the pictures and upload it to DPP forum but I wasn't able to because the laptop is quite slow. My morning in the office was slow again, except for one call I got in the morning about a VPN (Virtual Private Network) issue that one of our clients in the US has encountered. This continued until the afternoon. Almost everyone of us here at Helpdesk were idle so we just killed some time before going home.

Wednesday: I was able to upload some pictures that I got from DPP's party at DPP forums (straight from the camera; no editing made whatsoever). The entire morning was so boring again. Its like having free internet here in the office while getting paid (bad marky XD).After lunch, there goes my blog-hopping and forum-reading spree until I went home. 

Thursday: After my morning rituals, My morning was boring again with no tickets to work on. I had to keep myself busy blog-hopping and forum-reading.That afternoon, I was able to work on 1 APAC ticket (at last) to ease my boredom. I meet my wife in Ayala and told her to wait for me since we met at around 4pm.

Friday: Same old morning ritual but I brought a different bag with me (my camera bag). I got in the office with enough time to spare. Later in the afternoon, held a contest to win 2 non-vip tickets to their 100 sexiest victory party to be held at WTC. The contest was pretty much easy. However, my PC in the office doesn't seem to cooperate with me as I'm having a hard time maneuvering the pages of fhm's website. By 5:00pm, I immediately left the office for Robinsons Galeria to attend the autograph signing with no less than Ms. Sam Pinto. After the event, we had a discussion on our plans to have a road trip this coming August.

Saturday: Me and my wife got up at 5:15am for our jogging session. My wife insisted that I should also wear my jogging attire so I put my running shoes on to match my clothes that I used last night. We went to CCP to start our session there.After 2 hours, we went to Intramuros to introduce my wife to the eatery I've been raving and frequenting since college. I don't know if she liked what she ordered because she is not much of a fan of foods with sauces. When we got home, I did some laundry (socks) before we go home to Laguna to visit my folks. Once we got there, we rested for a couple of minutes before doing my agenda. I visited my dentist to have my tooth fixed. But she told me they can no longer fix it, hence they want it extracted. I told them I have to think about it since my tooth doesn't hurt anyway. When I got home, I went to my old internet cafe to boost my bid for the 100 sexiest victory party tickets c/o fhm. I didn't notice the time because I was too fired-up to increase my rankings. Before I went home, I was at #6 and I hope it stays that way until Sunday. As I got home, my wife was very upset because she is having a hard time with her internet connection. She was able to have a good connection at around midnight or so as I lay down to sleep.

That week was really boring. XD

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