Wednesday, July 14

To keep or not to keep

For a while, I'm having thoughts whether to create a new portfolio (and close the one I have right now) or keep my current one intact and just update it.  I have been taking snaps using DSLR since October 2008 and somehow, I managed to learn a thing or two in making good snaps out of old ones. As I browse more online portfolio from various people who loves photography,  cant help it but to feel envy of them especially on how they took those shots perfectly resulting in a stunning photo.

What made me convince more to probably create a new portfolio was after visiting these 2 forums namely Pipho and DPP. I have been a constant visitor of these 2 forums for 2-3 months now (I have registered way back in 2008) and comparing my collection to the rest of cyberspace, mine needs a lot of improvement and constant practice in taking those shots.

I have at least 20 sets to edit (and practice in Photoshop) but I may not post it anywhere else except on the two forums I visit more often. As to when will I launch my new portfolio? Probably soon. I just have to practice more often. XD

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