Wednesday, July 14

Bad Weather + Bad Dream = Hellish

Last night, I went to bed early to catch-up some sleep. Then at 11:30pm, I felt my wife crawling to bed to sleep to. At around 12:30am, strong winds blew within our vicinity as well as heavy rain pour. It could have induced me to a deep slumber but the winds are getting a little bit stronger. Then at 1:30am, there was no power which I noticed our electric fan not working. Almost every hour, I wake-up from my supposed to be a goodnight sleep.

Then I had a bad dream. It about a homecoming reunion for our batch in CDNSHS class of 1996. I couldn't recall what actually transpired but in that dream, I lost all my things and my jacket was soiled in mud by those who bullied me before. Good thing I got up and it was indeed a bad dream.

I got up at 5:00am preparing for work even during brownout. I hope the rest of the day would be much better.

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