Thursday, December 31

2009: The year that was

2009 for me was again, another roller coaster ride.The ups and downs it gave me provided me that needed experience to learn and ponder. Though for most people I know, 2009 was good for me. But only a few knew how much pain and negativity I have to encounter and learn from it. Every month was different for me just like a roller coaster. This is how it all happen.

January: This was the start of the year that we begin our wedding preps. This includes a lot of sacrifices and trials but still, we managed to hold on. We opened our joint account under our names. My working schedule during that time was a little bit erratic but I am used to that even before. I just made sure I would file my 3-day leave to enjoy my birthday. I was able to do a solo photowalk in intramuros that time which made me reminisce the good old times.

February: This would be our last valentine date with my fiancee as bf-gf since we will be tying the knot on December. We started visiting bridal fairs to get the best suppliers at a low cost. Though were doing our best to save, I made sure we celebrate this day in style. We also started going to bridal fairs looking for suppliers and comparing each and one of them. I was also able to attend UNO's party that time with DJ Dylan as covergirl. 

March: As our wedding preps progresses, we have decided to finalize our wedding package from our wedding coordinator. But not without arguments left and right from my fiancee since she believed that we could save more but I still have the last word regarding our wedding. This was also the month I had my hands-full on portrait photography for a day in a hidden resort in Antipolo. However, I missed an UNO Event for UNO Covergirl Karen Pamintuan. But in return, I was able to have a photo-op with Ms Valerie "Bangs" Garcia at the Hot Rod carshow at Mc Kinley Hills

April: Hmmm. All I remembered was I attended 2 car shows, worked on Holy Thursday and Friday, and still my schedule was a little bit tight. But thanks to weekends, I was able to rest. I started to check other websites from known Photographers, Videographers, Caterers and Wedding Coordinators to see the difference between their offers. And as the month ended, we were able to meet UNO's covergirl for April Ms Tisha Silang. ^_^

May: This was a bit stormy for me and my then-girlfriend (now wife) since we decided to change some of our major suppliers during this time and we were able to book their replacements at a bridal fair in SMX. For us, that was the best decision we made. However, I missed several events including FHM's 100 Sexiest Kick-off party held at Eastwood. And if once wasn't enough, I was able to meet and greet Bangs Garcia again. ^_^

June: At work, it came to a point that I have reached my boiling point. That boiling point caused not just by the nature of work but of the people within. I won't mention it's full detail for I am happy right now and I could have stayed until December of this year. But because of professional and personal reasons, I decided to leave. I'm at my lowest point that time and I don't know what to do or how to execute my plans for the year. Thanks to all who cared, I begin to recover slowly. Before that mishap, I was able to have my photo-op again with FHM's covergirl RR Enriquez. 

July: My vacation-slash-enjoying life outside work begins here. I used almost all of my leave credits since I submitted my resignation letter during the first week of July. I was also able to attend FHM's 100 sexiest victory party for the third time. However, my streak in attending its autograph signing because of my schedule during that day. Again, I won't be detailing this for I am happy right now with my decision. I also started my 100-day project in photography and somehow, it help me in a way that those few feedbacks made me more knowledgeable not just in taking pictures but also how to compose them and doing some post-processing. Even if my streak ended this month, I was able to meet Maxim's Covergirl Jackie Rice in person. ^_^

August: This was the start of my Church-Shooting habit. I don't know what made me do this but perhaps its the fact that I'm getting married made me take pictures of altars, main doors and from the top as well as its exteriors. Then I missed some events like I used to attend like the Mini-Cooper's 50th Anniversary which Playboy Philippines hosted the event as well as 2 Cosplay events. 

September: This month is Dutdutan Month since this tattoo exhibit is always held on this month for 2 straight years now. And this is one event I'll always attend whenever I have the opportunity. This is also our 3rd anniversary as a couple as we celebrate that day with a lot of weeding preparation activities in mind. We also had our pre-nup pictorial a few days after killer typhoon Ondoy wreck havoc in Metro Manila as well as in nearby provinces. 

October: As our wedding preparation heats up, we still find time to relax and unwind a little bit as we attended The Grand Bridal Shower and Stag Party courtesy of Loi Villarama Events Management. However, this was also the month when my camera was having a mind of its own (or should I say my lens). That made me stop taking pictures for a while so I could think of possible ways to save my camera. I missed 3 events that month due to wedding preparations. But I still make it a point to attend FHM's autograph signing sessions since its more hassle-free. ^_^

November: We were definitely stressed here since we only have a month to go before our wedding. Imagine, I have to travel to Manila and back to Laguna for 3-4 days in succession (I remember doing this in the mid-90's when I was studying in Mapua back then) to be with my girlfriend for our wedding preparations. Pamamanhikan was set a month before our wedding instead of being set early. And again, I missed 3 more events except for the Manila Auto Salon 2009 which was hosted by FHM babe and friend Paloma.

December: This would be the month of firsts. First time getting married (and definitely the last XD). First time boarding a plane and ferry, first time in Bohol and Cebu. and much much more firsts for this month. I'm feel blessed right now despite all trials and obstacles happened to me within the last few months. God is really good. 

2009 was indeed a good one for me. So good that I have lost and learned a lot from this experience. And now, I'm full-speed ahead to 2010 without any regrets.

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